1. avatar unplugged

    Less than 3 months old. Bought for studio project no longer required. This is one amazing multitrack!
    Has been upgraded with a 1GB Compactflash card from the 128mb one supplied so you have hours and hours of recording time.
    Below is he usual blurbs on it, but i was blown away by the sound and quality of the recordings it gives. It blows away Zoom stuff which i also have used and it even has the guitar equivilent of a GT6 inside it! We got some great vocal effects, bass effects and guitar FX just off the unit itself!
    Mix down is easy and tracks are easily exporting for mastering on PC if you wish to do so using Cool Edit etc....

    [size=18:363e53ce6d]Paid £375 for this 3 months ago, latest version. Im looking £160 THIS INCLUDES METAL LOCKABLE HARD CUSTOM FITTED FLIGHT/CARRY CASE WORTH £90, ALL LEADS AND MANUAL AND UPGRADED MEMORY CARD THAT ALONE COST £50.

    The BR-900CD the musicianís portable dream studio. Itís road tough, fun to use, and it performs far beyond its weight class. This reliable all-in-one digital recorder stands out with its professional effects, realistic drum-pattern generator, vocal-correction and Mastering Tool Kit, digital output, and internal CD burner. No matter where you are ó in your home studio or on the road ó all youíll need is a BR-900CD, and you can write, record, edit, mix, master, and burn a complete polished CD anywhere, anytime.

    Latest Version.
    8-track recorder with CD burner

    * 2 XLR phantom-powered mic inputs
    * Effects for every instrument, plus mastering
    * Programmable drum machine
    * Pitch correction

    The Best Gets Better
    With the same reliable and ultra-friendly operation as BOSSís highly popular BR-864, the BR-900CD takes three big steps forward by increasing the front-panel fader count from four to eight, and adding a built-in CD-RW drive and Pitch Correction to the feature set. The BR-900CD is compatible with CompactFlash cards up to 1GB capacity, which provides up to 624 minutes of record time (standard mode) in one shot. Even with all of these great new features, the unitís footprint remains small for ease of travel.

    Stellar Studio Effects
    Proudly displaying the BOSS logo, the BR-900CD offers a lineup of quality effects that are worthy of the legendary name. In addition to the time-tested standards (reverb, EQ, chorus, delay), youíll find additional pro-quality effects, such as vocal pitch-correction, bass simulation, pedal wah, COSMģ-powered guitar amp and compressor models, and mastering tools.

    Rhythm Programmer Onboard
    Songwriters will love the BR-900CDís built-in rhythm programmer, packed with 294 expressive patterns. Use these realistic backing tracks as inspiration for both writing and recording. You can even customize your own beats using the handy Tone Load function.

    USB Spoken
    Connect the BR-900CD to the outside world with one convenient USB connection. Import and export audio files and song data quickly and easily. Need to add some drum loops or vocal samples to your song? Simply drag and drop your favorite WAV files from USB-equipped computer directly into the BR-900CD. Conversely, you can export audio that youíve created internally on the BR-900CD to computers.
  2. avatar Setzer
    I have the 1200 version of this and its a fantastic piece of kit,cant recommend this highly enough.

    Editing on it is dead easy the guitar effects are top notch and you really can turn out a great sounding CD as the Boss blurb says.

    At this price its an absolute bargain.
  3. avatar unplugged
    thanks brian. he speaks the truth. this will do more than demos for you if you use it right.
    I used it with two great AKG condensers for some acoustic work and it was fabulous.
    The sheer ease of use, massive amounts of options onboard and flexibilty means you wont stop using this once you get started.

    And for £150, in MINT condition with a steel flightcase is a total bargain.

    I emailed those back who are interested in it, but its strictly first come first served so pick it up guys!
  4. avatar Sadoldgit
    I have one of these and that is for nothing!

    PS, the firmware is upragdeable, so if boss add more guitar effects [as they have in the past] you can upgrade.

    Excellent tool, esp for guitarists wishing to use as a writing tool as the included drum software is excellent.
  5. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Is this gone yet? If not I'll take it please...
  6. avatar unplugged
    gone. it went to the person who sent the first/earliest timed PM.