1. avatar gerry norman
    Radio 1's Colin Murray has just blasted their brand new single 'Lovers are Lunatics' for 2 million people to hear and I'm delighted to announce that the band of the moment are bringing their quirky pop to the intimate settings of Charlies.

    Support to be annonced but this is an unmissable night.

    Bring your own booze
    Corkage charge 2 wine 30p bottle beer.

    No cans.
  2. avatar gerry norman
    Some great support acts just confirmed:

    Escape Act
    Hornby [We Are Knives]
    Niall Harden [Heliopause]
    Paul Corrigan

    Get down early I have a feeling seats will be swiped quickly.
  3. avatar Rosshunter
    Paul Corrigan? Class!

    Should be down for this one!
  4. avatar gerry norman
    ya man Paul is awesome. must get Tapasia back soon.
  5. avatar gerry norman

    Stage times:

    6:00 Paul Corrigan
    6:30 Niall Harden
    7:00 Hornby
    7:30 Escape Act
    8:00 Cutaways

    As always it's subject to change.
  6. avatar pennydistribution
    go on the cutaways - great record, that...
  7. avatar Rich9
    Escape Act will now be on at 7pm