1. avatar Antisocialiser
    Hey so first on the list is an ibanez SA160.


    Its in great condition except maybe a few belt buckle scratches. The humbucker was also upgraded to an EMG-Hz.

    Jackson Warrior XT



    This jackson has a few scratches and the odd chip (i got by far the worst of that in the second pic), its also missing a whammy bar and a volume knob (although you can still turn the volume up and down its just the knob thats missing). Still plays brilliantly but could do with a new set of strings. Comes with a custom hardcase. [b:d0ca4d04fe]110ono[/b:d0ca4d04fe]

    Marshall MG100DFX


    Practically mint condition, works perfectly.
    180ono [b:d0ca4d04fe]Gone![/b:d0ca4d04fe]
    Im based in randalstown but will be in Belfast during most weeks if that suits. Feel free to PM me, thanks!
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  2. avatar Antisocialiser
  3. avatar Antisocialiser
    all valid offers considered!!!
  4. avatar Antisocialiser
    last bump before i throw this stuff on ebay.
    any offers welcome
  5. avatar Danny Lynch
    wouldnt be willing to trade amp+cash for amp or are you just lookin to shift it altogether for cash?
  6. avatar Antisocialiser
    sorry mate just cash im lookin to upgrade to a tube amp. thanks for the interest tho
  7. avatar Danny Lynch
    sold that amp yet? if i can shift my current amp i might be able to take it off yer hands
  8. avatar doggod202003
    yes mate. when can we meet. where u based. how old is the device. call me on 07771822539. ask for john
  9. avatar Antisocialiser
    [quote:fbdd39b6a4]yes mate. when can we meet. where u based. how old is the device. call me on 07771822539. ask for john [/quote:fbdd39b6a4]

    Hey mate im based in randalstown but im in belfast during the week most days. which device are you refering to?
  10. avatar doggod202003
    the amp. can u bring it down. or im in magherafelt during the weekdays from 12 - 4. what about then?
  11. avatar Antisocialiser
    PM'ed to doggod202003
  12. avatar Antisocialiser
    bump for guitars price drop, good chance to bag a bargain here!
  13. avatar Khelsi
    Anyone took the black guitar yet?
  14. avatar Antisocialiser
    nope its still for sale
  15. avatar Antisocialiser
    Amp has gone, someone make me an offer on the guitars for a bargain.
  16. avatar paperlanterns
    just out of interest did the ibanez ever get sold? if not how much would you be looking for it? :-)
  17. avatar skankus46
    Hey mate are you selling the digitech whammy at all?