1. avatar daveshorty
    Helloooo... I'm just looking for a bit of advice... I'm playing a beefed up Squier Strat with new pickups and I wana replace the saddles and tuning heads...
    I'm looking at the Graphtech string saver saddles, and wonder if anyone has any yays or boos for them.
    also... i'm lost with regard to which maching heads to order to replace the terrible squier ones...i'm so sick of going out of tune incredibly easily!
    any help will be greatly appreciated!

  2. avatar Rock Danger
    You already know the graphtech saddles are fine. Any decent machine head will do, you don't have to go nuts on price about 15 for some schaller's or something.

    And then have it set up to your string gauge of choice, look after your guitar, change the strings every few weeks rather than months and buy a tuner if you don't already have one.
  3. avatar daveshorty
    The thing about the different widths of the saddles is the worry tho... i dunno what ones i'm meant to get.
    I want a really good strong lock on the machine heads too... is there much of an issue with sizes/shapes and all that shit when ordering the machines, or do they pretty much all fit fine as long as they're 6 a side?
  4. avatar Rock Danger
    Depends a little on wether it's a mexican one etc etc. Sure just take it to Marty over at Bairds or any of them for that matter and they'll know exactly what bits you need.
  5. avatar Cugel
    With the graphtech saddles - the vintage width won't fit the modern/import but the modern/import size will fit everything - the only side effect is that you may get a tiny gap between each saddle. This isn't really a problem.

    I've got a set of Ghost saddles for strat which are string savers with piezo chips in them for acoustic sounds. You can have them and the preamp for 60 if you want.
  6. avatar daveshorty
    hey... cheers for that.
    so on this page: http://www.guitar-spares.com/index.html?lang=en-uk&target=d508.html if i ordered the top one (10.41mm) i'd be definitely safe?
    what are those ones you're talkin about?
  7. avatar Cugel
    The P-8000-00 should be fine.

    What I have is on this page [url]http://www.guitar-spares.com/index.html?lang=en-uk&target=d508.html[/url]

    I am offering the Acousti-Phonic Pre-Amp and a set of saddles - new price about 180.
  8. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    [quote:13915bc6ae="Cugel"]I am offering the Acousti-Phonic Pre-Amp and a set of saddles[/quote:13915bc6ae]Would you be interested in selling those saddles separately?
  9. avatar paulo
    My first post!
    I'd be interested in the ghost saddles and the pre amp if they're still up for grabs.