1. avatar Bandito
    My first post!
    Belfast based:

    One reliably lyrical singer songwriter of advancing years (twenty is quite old is it not?) and limited musicality, seeks likeminded musicians (a drummer, a bassist, a pianist and a guitarist), to form a band overtly influenced by the following:

    Jacques Brel, The Divine Comedy, REM, The Smiths, Scott Walker, Crowded House, U2, New Order, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Frames, Split Enz, Gavin Friday, Burt Bacharach, David Bowie…

    Also note that sexual ambiguity and theatricality is to be encouraged.

    So that’d be fervently baroque folk pop with a healthy dose of jangle infused new wave nonsense. Nevertheless, in this enterprise the song is the king. Genres are malleable, and as such, this could be the best band ever, to well, currently not exist.

    Contact via this site’s messaging facilities. Or if it helps, at mostclass@hotmail.com

    If a band with a similar approach is currently requiring a vocalist, and or, songwriter, get in touch, as it’d save me a lot of bother. String section if possible.
  2. avatar Bandito
    Only callous and capricious bastards bump their own threads do they not?

    Either way… ;)
  3. avatar Bandito
    One bump a week isn’t too bad is it? Granted however, I don’t wish to clutter the place with any more threads of a highly inane nature.

    Anyhow, further influences include:

    Tom Waits, Suede, The Pixies, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, Robert Frost, Jimmy Webb, Pulp...

    Examples available per request to prospective band members. Complete with piss poor sound quality. Glory be.

  4. avatar Antisocialiser
    hey pm me with an example por favor
  5. avatar dommccann
    had you mentioned jeff buckley, we could have come to some sort of arrangement, but alas.....

    p.s. i'd like to hear something... pm me!
  6. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    I quite like this chap or chappette.
  7. avatar nev
    Yeah, I want to hop on the PM bandwagon.

    I was actually interested initially, but I was too lazy to post....apologies.
  8. avatar Bandito
    Cheers to one and all for their replies!

    Although I do hope that those who are interested note that my recording capabilities are supremely limited. Luckily though, I’m quite a diligent bugger when it comes to matters of passion and (creative) work. Nevertheless, I appreciate the collective sentiment, and indeed, hope to meet some of you in the not so distant future.

    Self deprecatingly yours, my good self. :wink:
  9. avatar Bandito
    Thanks once again to all those I’ve already been in touch with.

    Anyhow, if there’s anyone else out there who’d be willing to help me, please do get in touch.

    Best of luck.
  10. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    Mickey stop trying to join other bands. Ur trapped! Horribly horribly trapped.