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    Marc Houle is a mainstay of minimal techno super-label M_nus records. This is his outlet for the string of extremely successful minimal techno hits which included 2007 dance floor smashes ‘Bay of Figs’ and ‘Techno Vocals.’ M_nus also provides the platform for him to perform his blistering live shows, as most of his time is spent on tour with his M_nus label colleagues like Richie Hawtin, Magda and Troy Pierce. These label showcases have seen his profile explode internationally and November 1st will be a prime opportunity to catch one of the current stars of the minimal techno scene in such an intimate venue.

    One of the Minus family – Marc Houle had his ‘moment’ in 2007 with the excellent ‘Bay of Figs’ – whose eerie all-encompassing riff made it one of the most original tracks of the year. An early obsession with first generation computer games – first playing, then ripping the sounds from – led to him developing his own version of synth-pop. When he hooked up with Magda and the two started producing together, he started creating more stripped down versions of his these tracks – and Richie Hawtin’s ears pricked up. Soon he was a fully paid up member of the ever expanding Minus family. When asked to describe his sound, he ventures, “Detroit + new wave + Kraftwerk + Commodore ÷ Iron Maiden.” These diverse influences are perhaps what make him stand out in a sea of minimal producers. His artist album was described by one reviewer as “minimal pop” – so perhaps he can even be credited with creating a whole new genre.

    For more information please contact Anthony Ferris, anthony@shine.net