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    Penguin People Promotions present

    1940s Dance Club Birthday Special with guest DJ Terri Hooley
    Tuesday 28th October
    Ollie's at the Merchant Hotel
    8pm - 5

    To celebrate dancer and circus performer [b:9d76087376]Sajles Sinkovec[/b:9d76087376]'s birthday, Sajles will be joined by guests from Europe for an evening of Swing Dance and sounds from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

    Music for the evening will be provided by 'Old Nick, Esquire' and special guest [b:9d76087376]Terri Hooley[/b:9d76087376].

    Doors at 8, with a free informal dance lesson from 8.30



    [b:9d76087376]Is there a bar? [/b:9d76087376]Yes

    [b:9d76087376]Is the dance lesson included in the price? [/b:9d76087376]Yes

    [b:9d76087376]Are the dance lessons obligatory?[/b:9d76087376] No, you can just enjoy the music and the atmosphere. The lessons are informal and run from 8.30 to 9.30

    [b:9d76087376]What happens after the dance lessons?[/b:9d76087376] It's a dance club with the DJ playing tunes from the thirties, forties and fifties

    [b:9d76087376]What is Ollie's at the Merchant Hotel like?[/b:9d76087376] The Swing Dance club takes place in the converted bank vaults of what was once the headquarters of the historic Ulster Bank. The bank was built in 1860 and is now a grade one listed building and has been restored as a five star hotel in the heart of Belfast's arts sector.

    It is an intimate and plush venue, perfect for those jazzy underground sounds of the thirties, forties and fifties
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    Is this on tonight again?
  4. avatar churchwarden
    Yes - it's on every Tuesday

    Details coming soon about December / Christmas nights - longer hours and more mince pies - still a fiver