1. avatar dodima
    For Sale:
    Romanian Stentor 3/4
    Fishmans BP100 pickup, with an K&K Golden Bullet Pickup Upgrade ($315)(http://www.kksound.com/goldentrinitybass.html)

    It also comes with a top of the range soft case, by Tom and Will. (155)

    The pickup upgrade means that you can blend between the Golden Bullet URB mic, and the Fishman BP100. This can be very helpful for both recording and live.

    I bought this bass to learn on, and have recently been given a 5 string Upright which suits me much better.

    I would let it go for 600

    This is a great bass for both beginner, and advanced player.

    Based in Belfast.

  2. avatar MartyY
    Is it the Stentor student model?
  3. avatar dodima
    I don't think its the student model, as the guy I bought it from had it for over a decade.

    I'll email Stentor to get the specs.
  4. avatar tinyd
    My first post!
    Hi there
    I'd be interested in this bass - can you let me know if it's laminate / carved ?

  5. avatar dodima
    All PMs replied to.

    Still available.
  6. avatar fishfry
    Hi, don't know if my messages are getting through - could u pm me your phone number?