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    [size=24:8070765983]KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE[/size:8070765983]
    8PM £5[/size:8070765983]

    [color=yellow:8070765983]House Of Cosy Cushions[/color:8070765983]


    House Of Cosy Cushions were once known as ’Amsterdam’s best kept secret’. When its creator and driving force Richard Bolhuis moved to Dublin back in 2005 and formed a new House Of Cosy Cushions, with a new and more intense Irish band around him, the alternative music scene in Ireland witnessed a band hitting the ground running, exploding onto the Dublin rock scene. (TK Frequency Ireland)

    House of Cosy Cushions was formed by songwriter Richard Bolhuis in 2003. An extended family of guests and core players drift in and out. Core players are Richard singing and playing guitar, Stephen Kiernan on drums, Rob Campbell on bass and Rossa O'Neill howling on trombone. The album 'Animal Dream' is out on 10 October 2008.




    We are three guys who are now based in Belfast, we make records with punchy little pop rock songs. We are called Mike, Peter and Colin when we are are apart, and Nanook when we are together. We do nearly everything ourselves and very much appreciate the little help we get from others. We sometimes make mistakes, but only once. We like to play, light fires, crowd surf, buy equipment, tour, drink and return home at night safely.


    [color=yellow:8070765983]Conor Scullion[/color:8070765983]



    Plus PhatLip Open Mic Poetry
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    The Corncrakes are also playing, you fastfude rascals!


    Dave Robb heads the group up, of Rua fame, also featuring Helen Mahaffy, Damien McCaskie, and Paul Webster.
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    Really looking forward to my first KOTRT gig from the on-stage perspective. A first airing of new Nanook material as well.

    House of Cosy Cushions sound great from the stuff on their myspace.
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    Looks like a great line-up Tom, sorry I'm going to miss this one - god damn time's unrelenting march and the birthday parties that ensue as a result :roll: