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    Bearded and softly spoken, Tim Wright has the appearance of a recluse or academic rather than the producer of some of the most ground-breaking and genre defying electronic dance music since the early 1990s. Falling between the cracks has been Tim's speciality. Seemingly always going against the grain of current musical trends, his music has often been described as years ahead of its time, or simply ignored by music press and fashionistas. His music as Germ (1992 to date) has been described as "one of the most influential, under-recognized forces of innovation in the European experimental electronic music scene" (Sean Cooper, All Music Guide). Glitchy, bass heavy and unpredictable, Germ offers ghostly pre-echos of the current dubstep and minimal genres.

    He has attracted the support of some of the key electronic record labels of the last fifteen years with album and single releases on Mute Records, Tresor, General Production Recordings, PIAS, Sativae and has remixed artists from Scorn, through Crsitian Vogel to Laurent Garnier and Goldfrapp. His work has been released eponymously and under the pseudonyms Tube Jerk, Moondog, Pin, Germ and Jackson Clark. He has performed live extensively in Europe, in Japan, Australia and the US with notable dates including Sonar by Night and Transmusicales in 2004.

    Tim also works as a composer and sound engineer with Japan's foremost contemporary dance company, Saburo Teshigawara's Karas, is a founder member of Sand (Soul Jazz Records) and is recording engineer for New Flesh (Big Dada/Ninja Tune).

    Support on the night come from Ecker DJs Terry Keeley, T-Polar and De-twist.

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    Heres the mix we had featured on across the line on sat 1st nov.


    Terry Keeley
    Quarta 330 - Sunset Dub (Hyperdub)
    Clouds - Elders (Wadadda Remix) (Jahtari)
    Zomby - Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix) (Hyperdub)
    Actress - Bassline FM (Werk)
    Joker - J.V. Anderson (Earwax)
    Red Box Recorder - CCC (Acroplane)

    Neil Landstrumm-Kids Wake Up (Planet Mu)
    James T Cotton-The Second Cycle (Ft. Ellis Monk) (Spectral)
    Photocall-Silver Clouds (Dexter Mix) (Clone)
    Tubejerk-Diry Black Discotheque (Sativae)
    Ardisson-Stop (Seed)

    Tobias Schmidt - Limbo Bobo (Input Output)
    Blackmass Plastics - Pump Maximiser (Combat Recordings)
    Debasser - Fat Girls (T-Polar mix) (Wide Records)
    Mothboy - Endless Summer Inst (Acroplane)
    HD4000 - Turn the Bass Up VIP mix (WE Recordings)
    Dj Cutlass Supreme - Killer (Wide Records)
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    this will be amazing. tim wright is a legend. if you like a bit of techno just trust me and go to this.
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    wright fairly banged it out - have to say I was very impressed.