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    Just having a bit of a vinyl clearout, mainly. Everything’s in mint condition unless stated otherwise.


    Scott H Biram – Graveyard Shift (barcode crossed out on back cover) 4

    Jimmy Smith – Back At The Chicken Shack (Mid Price and Blue Note stickers on the front, promo sticker on the back of the case) 3


    The Shield – The Complete First Season 4 disc box set 7

    Primal Scream – Riot City Blues Tour 4 [color=red:c1437b7b01]SOLD[/color:c1437b7b01]

    7”: (all 3)

    Anni Rossi – Wheelpusher / Arctic Swing (Too Pure Singles Club, numbered)

    Lonelady – Early The Haste Comes / Joy (Too Pure Singles Club, numbered)

    Vera November – Red Dream / A Mouthful Of Pebbles (Too Pure Singles Club, numbered)

    The Octopus roject – Wet Gold / Moon Boil (Too Pure Singles Club, numbered)

    Ray Rumours / Francois split – Mr Bear / Swimmers, Drifters (Too Pure Singles Club, numbered)

    It Hugs Back – Early Evening /Saving (Too Pure Singles Club, numbered)

    Jerusalem & The Starbaskets / Bengal Traitors split – Everybody’s Dig Accounted For / Sumtimes (Great Pop Supplement, clear vinyl)

    MV & EE – The Best It Ever Was / The Midden Of The Guilford Mound (Great Pop Supplement)

    Magnetize – Noise To Signal / Hazing (Trensmat, lathe cut, clear vinyl)

    Astral Social Club – Skelp / Ginnel (Trensmat, custard yellow vinyl)

    Heavy Winged – Lost Forever / Concrete Glass (Trensmat, lathe cut, clear vinyl)

    Area C – Trick With A Knife / That Spark / Mistaken For A Sign (Trensmat, lathe cut, clear vinyl)

    The Shining Path – Live At The Voltaire Commune / Lonely Hearts (Trensmat, white vinyl)

    The Azusa Plane – Lou, Nico, Sterling, John & Maureen / This Is Not Spacerock (Burnt Hair Records, slight cover wear, marbled black vinyl)

    The Azusa Plane / The Ahimsa Observatory split – Mechanical Sound Construction / Hollow Stars Ascending (Little Mafia Records)

    Loopdrop / The Azusa Plane split – Siempre Azul / United States Direct Investment In Other Countries (Rocket Girl)


    Gravitar – Universal Indians (screen printed cover, numbered, residue of price sticker in top right hand corner) 5

    Magick Markers – Feel The Crayon 7

    I'll take cash, cheque, PayPal, even postal orders...I'm in Belfast so could meet up or I can post out for a little extra.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Also for sale:

    Guided By Voices in 'Watch Me Jumpstart' DVD.

    Documentary about GBV plus another short film, over half an hour of live stuff, plus GBV music videos.

    All-region DVD, an hour and three quarters of GVB goodness.


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    A few more things for sale after more clearing out:


    V/A – Stax Funk (The 24 Carat Black, Isaac Hayes, The Bar-Kays, LV Johnson, Melvin Van Peebles etc. Disc is marked but plays fine) 2

    The Azusa Plane – The Highway’s Jammed With Broken Heroes 3

    The Velvet Monkeys – Houseparty 3


    Hush Arbors / Jerusalem & The Starbaskets split – Mr. Bones / I Cannot Radiato Without You (Great Pop Supplement, half orange, half green vinyl) 3 [color=red:4c29ba77d3]SOLD[/color:4c29ba77d3]

    Foot Village – Clubtraxxx I-III / Crow Call (Anavan Remix) (Too Pure singles club, numbered) 2

    The Locust – Flight Of The Wounded Locust (6 track EP) 3

    I Monster – French Mods Can’t Drink (3 tracks, numbered) 1

    I Had An Inkling – Pantone Deference / Charlie’s Laptop (slight crease on cover) 2

    Scarecrows – Antique Clocks / The Snake & The Sun-Rays (Norwegian Wood Recordings) 2

    Channels 3 + 4 – 9 track clear vinyl (Summer Lovers Unlimited) 3

    Psychedelic Horseshit – New Wave Hippies (5-track EP) 3

    Music & Movement – I Saw You / City Trains (includes members of Teenage Fanclub and BMX Bandits) 2

    Money Mark – Legitimate Pop Songs? Money Mark Live At Rough Trade (Mo Wax) 2

    Electricity In Our Homes – We Thought It Was But It Wasn’t / After Many A Summer Dies The Swan (Too Pure singles club, numbered) 2

    Keyboard Rebel – Northern Sherpa / I Feel Trapped 1

    Kaputt – Family Tree / Water Makes The Blades Blunt (Too Pure singles club, numbered) 2

    The Chesterfield Kings – I Cannot Find Her / Baby Doll (price sticker residue and storage marks on cover) 1

    Bilge Pump – The Eternal Qu’est Que C’est For Barry (6-track EP) 2

    Beezewax – When You Stood Up / Take Any Life (Reveal Records, red vinyl, with 3” CD of both tracks) 2

    The Bent Moustache – Somme / On Leaving The World Tonight 1

    Paperplain – 11:30 / Spin Wheel (Too Pure singles club, numbered) 2

    Thanks for looking.
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    One more for now:

    Monster Magnet - Greatest Hits

    2CDs, 16 tracks on the first one, 4 B-sides and 8 videos on the second one.

    Yours for four quid.