1. avatar Captain Kennedy
    [size=18:d9c8abbf8c]The Ceili House, Lurgan
    Friday 24th October[/size:d9c8abbf8c]

    [i:d9c8abbf8c][b:d9c8abbf8c]Live Music Showcase Featuring:[/b:d9c8abbf8c][/i:d9c8abbf8c]

    [b:d9c8abbf8c]Swanee River
    Here Comes The Landed Gentry
    Master Exploder[/b:d9c8abbf8c]

    The Live Music Showcase at the Ceili House this Friday promises to be one of the best local gigs of the year. Derry rockers [b:d9c8abbf8c]Swanee River [/b:d9c8abbf8c]will be making a welcome return and will be bringing with them one of the most promising acts on the Northern Ireland music scene, [b:d9c8abbf8c]Here Comes The Landed Gentry[/b:d9c8abbf8c].

    Although only in existence for six months, Here Comes The Landed Gentry have already secured high profile gigs with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Fighting With Wire and The Urban Voodoo Machine. Blending different musical genres such as blues, rockabilly, classic rock, alt country and punk among many others, all HCTLG want to do is write and record great songs and play great shows!

    [b:d9c8abbf8c]Master Exploder[/b:d9c8abbf8c] will be bringing their blend of classic rock to add some local flavour to what promises to be one of the most talked about gigs of the year. Doors open at 9pm and admission is 5. I.D. is essential.
  2. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Stage Times:

    Swanee River ~ 11.45 - close
    HCTLG ~ 10.50 - 11.30
    Master Exploder ~ 10 - 10.40
  3. avatar swaneeriver
    really looking forward to this!! should be a corker of a night!

  4. avatar Captain Kennedy
    This is tonight so it is.
  5. avatar swaneeriver
    This is gonna be a cracker of a night,
    good to be sparring again with Here Come The Landed Gentry and Master Exploder again