1. avatar danjcorbett
    Hey folks, have three pedals I'm looking to sell as I no longer have any need for them, and want to use the money raised to put towards heating my student house!

    [color=red:f2d536e7b5]SOLD[/color:f2d536e7b5] Boss NS-2 noise supressor[color=red:f2d536e7b5] SOLD[/color:f2d536e7b5]

    Number two is an MXR phase 100. Better than the phase 90, more control over the sound (as you can choose the waveform you want to use) and works equally well for bass or guitar. Again unboxed, but in perfect condition. Photo:
    Price: 60 (Cheapest I can find online is 92 on soundsunlimited.co.uk)

    Finally I have an EHX Whitefinger compressor I want to shift. More for the bass players, but can be cool for a guitarist to have on their pedal board as well. It's EHX as well, so it looks class and has a sweet wooden box. Still have all the original suff that came with it, and it's in perfect condition too. You will need to buy a adaptor for it, but I got one for i in B&Q but I need it for other things now. Photo's:
    And one for size comparison:
    Price: 50 (cheapest I can find it for is 79.99, and I'm taking into account the need to buy an adaptor.)

    So there you go, if you'd like any more info or more photo's give me a p.m.


    p.s. Meant to say Im open to offers on the two remaining pedals, as I know theyre relatively expensive!
  2. avatar danjcorbett
    White finger and Phase 100 still for sale?

    Anyone interested?