1. avatar MovingOn

    Featuring Bcn 216 and Flicker
    With support from Oren Marshall
    SATURDAY 22nd NOVEMBER , 8.00pm
    TICKETS: £12 / £8 (concession)
    Available from: Belfast Welcome Centre (028 9024 6609)
    and online at www.movingonmusic.co.uk


    During his first appearance in Belfast, Mexican electronic composer Murcof (aka Fernando Corona), will showcase his new composition - the veritable musical odyssey 'Oceano'.

    Oceano marks Murcof's first in collaboration with live musicians, as he will be joined by Sergi Claret (viola), Joan Antoni Pich (cello) and Cassiel Anton (trombone) from the highly regarded Spanish ensemble BCN 216. This performance will also feature visuals by Flicker (aka Rod Maclachlan), with innovative projection techniques and choreographed lighting combining to transform base materials of dust, water and organics into mesmeric, otherworldly imagery.

    Murcof is a contemporary composer, who effectively utilizes technology to create epic suites of music, drawing on minimalist, baroque and post-modernist styles to move the mind and the heart. His ear for detail and his sense of space are heightened by the themes of life, death and eternity that his work touches on.

    Inspired by pre-twentieth century classical music and electronic pioneers such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream, Murcof’s epic and experimental masterpieces seek to unite digital, acoustic and analogue sounds and fuse together strings, pixilations, brass, digital sweeps and video beams.

    Oceano promises to be an immersive and overwhelming live audio/visual experience.

    Support comes from radical tuba virtuoso Oren Marshall, a pioneer of acoustic and electric tuba who straddles the classical, jazz, improvised and world music scenes. Described as the Jimi Hendrix of the tuba, Marshall surreally twists his instrument’s sound into new and wonderful shapes.
  2. avatar The Fires of Hell

    'Remembranza' is an incredible record. Hard to imagine something more bleak from the most meagre components possible. There with bells on.
  3. avatar tinpot anto
    Truly, to be described as "The Jimi Hendrix of the Tuba" is the greatest thing to which a human being can aspire.

    I almost just want to go for the chance of meeting this astonishing individual.
  4. avatar MovingOn

    Tickets for this phenomenal show are still available from http://www.movingonmusic.co.uk/tours/?id=78
  5. avatar Amz
    nice one.

    I just made a Leaf Label feature thing for 'the Marble Index'. (Sundays 7pm-8pm Feile Fm :))

    Leaf Label:
    Beinning: The Sons of Silence (Susumu Yokota Mix)
    Cash: Four Tet
    Merit: Murcof
    Future: Efterklang
  6. avatar mrginger
    im gonna be in holland when this is on. this makes me sad cause murcof is amazing.
  7. avatar MovingOn
    Check out this cool profile of Murcof on Drowned In Sound: http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4135721

    Tickets still available for his sure to be spectacular performance at SARC this Saturday 22nd November: http://www.movingonmusic.co.uk/tours/?id=78

  8. avatar MovingOn
    A very limited number of tickets are still available for Murcof's performance of his stunning new musical masterpiece 'Oceano' this Saturday 22nd November at the Sonic Arts Research Centre.

    Tickets priced £12/£8 can be purchased online from:http://www.movingonmusic.co.uk/tours/?id=78 or from Belfast Welcome Centre (028 9024 6609).