1. avatar gerry norman
    So, [b:f71d6ed058]Charlies Presents.[/b:f71d6ed058]... has now been running for 5 weeks and has already seen some great acts come through the door. Thank you to everyone who has played I really think this night is special and will go on for a long time. From established acts to first time giggers the audiences have enjoyed something different every night and it's been a success so far. To celebrate and kick start the club in style I have invited some of the best bands in N. Ireland to play the launch party this [b:f71d6ed058]Tues 21st Oct[/b:f71d6ed058]. So far the line-up is as follows:

    [b:f71d6ed058]+ Owen Lamont[The Delawares] & Sisters
    + Jackson Cage
    + NI Soul Troop
    + Cutaways
    + Sparks Fly
    + Heliopause
    + Dolbro Dan
    + John Gribbon[/b:f71d6ed058]

    It's just gonna be a big mess of a party and head down to Lavs after. Think of it as an open mic with ridiculously good acts playing.

    Admission is [b:f71d6ed058]FREE[/b:f71d6ed058]
    [b:f71d6ed058]Tuesday 21st Oct

    Feel free to bring a bottle of wine or buckfast we'll charge 2 corkage but that gets you a lovely seat and entertainment in a coffee shop without buying a coffee. Coffee available all night and I got the girls on hand to make sure everyone is happy and has ice in their bucky.

    See y'all there :roll:
  2. avatar scott_evil
    Great line up!! cant wait for this!!
  3. avatar gerry norman
    sparks fly are playing naked again ...just confirmed.
  4. avatar Amz
    Thats gonna be one busy cafe! Some top notch acts.
  5. avatar scott_evil
    [quote:3b82001649="gerry norman"]sparks fly are playing naked again ...just confirmed.[/quote:3b82001649]

    Is that never talking about that night ever again Gerry? I dont think it is :roll: