1. avatar AU Magazine
    [b]AU & DUST[/b]
    present an exclusive dj set from

    AU hook up with [b]Thompsons[/b] Indie/Electro night [b]‘Dust’[/b] to host the second in the series of exclusive events hosting dj sets from the UK’s hottest artists. London’s [b]‘Robots in Disguise’[/b] take to the turntables this Tuesday to spin an infectious mix of Electro Funk, Disco Punk & Indie floorfillers!!

    Fronted by Dee Plume and Sue Denim, [b]ROBOTS IN DISGUISE[/b] were recently described by the NME as ‘The missing link between Peaches, Le Tigre and Princess Superstar’. Now into their third album the Robots’ riot girl image has seen them grace the pages of numerous fashion magazines, act in [b]The Mighty Boosh[/b] and even appear on ‘Ugly Betty’! Currently touring with The Mighty Boosh, the dynamic duos Belfast debut is definitely one for the Diary.
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  2. avatar Tanya Skibunny
    Our remix of their single The Tears was released recently alongside remixes by Tim Burgess and others. You can hear it here....!
  3. avatar kevinfreeburn
    roughly what time will robots in disguise be djing from?
  4. avatar AU Magazine
    Robots In Disguise should be on from 12.pm.
    Club is open until 3!
    Let's PARTY!