1. avatar rhythm-master5690
    Hi all! I have a Traps A400 portable drumkit for sale. Virtually the same as an arbiter flats kit but in my mind the traps is better built and arranged. Standard 5 piece setup on rack system. very easily tranpsorted. Set includes 5 piece kit (3 toms, snare, and bass drum), bass pedal, hi-hat stand, and two in-built cymbal booms (lock into rack). as per arbiter kits the drums are all flat for ease of storage and to make for easy tranportation but have remo heads and are tunable like normal drums (standard drum keys can be used.) The kit is brand new. bought 4 months ago, removed from box, tuned and thats about it. never used since due to limited practice time and when i do i use my main kit as i'm used to the bigger set up. Bought from london drum centre for 270. open to sensible offers.
    would make a great christmas gift, particularly if storage space or setup space is an issue. The kit sounds really great for a flat kit i have to say. As loud as a normal 5 piece fusion kit so it could be gigged! I play a 7 piece mapex pro-m 7 piece and i honestly was suprised at how well the traps kit plays and sounds. Its not a mesh practice kit so its does have the feel and sound of a normal kit.

    The kit is in ballycarry (near carrickfergus), and is currently set up so can be seen and played.

    Anyone interested give me a shout. I'm gonna give it a week or two before it goes on ebay

    07877118420 (jonny)