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    [size=24:08a3136105]BORN RUFFIANS[/size:08a3136105] (WARP RECORDS)

    [size=18:08a3136105]THE STIFF KITTEN[/size:08a3136105]
    [size=18:08a3136105]SUNDAY 16TH NOVEMBER[/size:08a3136105]
    9PM / £8


    From what must surely be the greatest electronic pop label of them all, Warp, the home of the digital and pristine, comes this straggly, scraggy, scruffy racket. We know Warp have already got freak folkers Grizzly Bear and math rockers Battles on their roster, but Born Ruffians really are at the furthest extreme from Aphex Twin's ambient Melodies from Mars. They recall every rickety, ramshackle, just-got-out-of-bed, close-to-collapse US indie band from Truman's Water to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah while simultaneously displaying the feral power of the Pixies and the studied lethargy of Pavement, a neat trick when you think about it. Although as Johnny Rotten almost once sang, languor is an energy.

    Like Pavement, Born Ruffians, whose name reads like a pithy critique of the Libertines/Strokes squalor-rock aesthetic, are sardonic slacker geeks, wryly undermining themselves and their status as potential bright young things at every turn. "We are the next link in the evolutionary chain of contemporary pop music," they grandly state, "mixing drums, bass and electric guitar, an almost unheard-of combination." A witty indie band with decent comic timing - whatever next? Well, droll lyrics, for starters: "I need a girlfriend, I'm lonely/ Someone to love me and fuck me/ I need to get laid immediately/ But also someone to fulfil my needs," as Luke Lalonde sings - hollers, yelps - on This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life, a sort of scuffed, scratchy, ironic-or-is-it? take on Neil Young's A Man Needs A Maid.

    They have finished work on their first album of spiky, spindly, jerky guitar-pop, Red Yellow & Blue. It's the follow-up to their self-titled debut EP which was released on XL recordings in 2006 amid a welter of press and buzz. The band return to the UK to promote it this autumn, hopefully basking in the afterglow of their Orange advertising sync for ‘Hummingbird’, as well as an appearance on Channel 4's Skins, following in the footsteps of Foals and the Gossip. "Hopefully," they say, "it will make us famous like Beverly Hills 90210 did for The Flaming Lips." Now they just need some fake blood and glove puppets.

    For more information, please contact joe@shine.net.
  2. avatar blonderedhead
    Whoo Hoo!!!! :)
  3. avatar goodonpaper
    Really disappointing album, but live they're second to none. I'll be down.
  4. avatar ShowYourBones
    I hate doing this as it may take away potential punters, but are they not playing with Foals in the Mandela a mere two weeks later?
  5. avatar TheStiffKitten
    They are indeed.
  6. avatar blonderedhead
    [quote:9c6c0f5459="ShowYourBones"]I hate doing this as it may take away potential punters, but are they not playing with Foals in the Mandela a mere two weeks later?[/quote:9c6c0f5459]

    Is that not friendly fires??
  7. avatar ShowYourBones
    Not any longer according to the BBC ATL gig guide. Can't see it being a two pronged support for a 14 quid gig.
  8. avatar blonderedhead
    According to the ATL news Born Ruffians are playing the stiff kitten on june 30th? Maybe a few bugs in the system?
  9. avatar TheStiffKitten
    Will fix that...
  10. avatar mrginger
    i cant decide if i can be arsed with these guys or not. Speaking of warp, any word on a Pivot gig round this way? or flying lotus for that matter... actually I'm gonna say that i think that flying lotus album and the EP's have been some of the best releases of 2008. Sorry i got a bit off topic there.