1. avatar spirit of division
    As it says...show is in the Bunker in Belfast...other band is Electric Red, Point Blank metal club afterwards...it's 3 in and all money is split equally...first band 9.40ish...pm me with a number...
  2. avatar RedLikeCrimson

    We can do it for you... gimme a call with details...

    I've PM'd you my details.

    If ya need to hear us: www.myspace.com/redlikecrimson

  3. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Hi, we'd love to play too


    Give us a shout if you're keen


  4. avatar RedLikeCrimson
    Dont mean to be a pain in the ass... but can you let us know either way ASAP cuz we are in Lurgan and 2 of the band are in work... we need to start making arrangements.

  5. avatar spirit of division
    Hey - sorry! Delirium pm'd me first...! Could maybe squeeze you in though...
  6. avatar RedLikeCrimson
    We're happy to play 3rd wheel if you want :-D

    What time and how long for?
  7. avatar RedLikeCrimson
    Nevermind mate, we'd never get kit and lifts organised now.

    Cheers anyway.