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    spirit of division presents:



    [color=red][size=18]HAND OF DEATH
    POINT BLANK METAL CLUB[/size][/color]

    Every Weds at the Bunker...doors 9pm...usually 3...expect an eclectic mix of live acts week to week and some fine tunage afterwards.

    Drinks promos will be had.


    Weds 13th Aug
    Doors 9pm
    adm 3
    Bands start 9.15 sharp and end at 11.00pm sharp
    Expect an eclectic mix of Metal afterwards at the Point Blank club...

    [color=red]Hand of Death [/color]



    I hate to use the word "metalcore"...I used to listen to it an awful lot in the mid - late 90's...2000 onward saw a torrent of weak bands that were riding on the genre bandwagon with labels put out so much poor quality stuff that you couldnt wade through the dirt to find anything good. However! After hearing Hand Of Death though I feel pretty bad that I've maybe been missing out on a resurgence of great, fast, brutal metalcore.

    Hand Of Death bring brought back my love for metal fueled hardcore with their down tuned guitars, death metal influences and what I assume must be a love of mid 90's bands like Deadguy, Guilt, Snapcase, Endeavour, Morning Again and a heap of others. Listening to HOD sends the urge to dig out my old Victory / Trustkill / Goodlife records and destroy my ears. Awesome.

    [color=red]ELECTRIC RED[/color]



    "Involution is no more...enter ELECTRIC RED - whilst still the same band, we're a more stripped down, raw and heavier machine!"

    Expect a lot from Belfast's finest metal quartet as they certainly expect a lot of themselves. Having changed line up and grown with their influences, Electric Red offer an exciting and new spin to the usual roster of Belfast metal hopefuls.

    Expect an eclectic mix of metal from Dee after both bands in the form of Point Blank...metal to bleed your eyes, hurt your neck and grind your teeth.

  2. avatar spirit of division
    Didnt notice this was posted!
    Hand Of Death have dropped out so looking one more band...eep!