1. avatar Captain Kennedy
    [b:0dbec454a3]THE RAILWAY BAR[/b:0dbec454a3]
    Friday 17th October
    Doors at 9pm[/b:0dbec454a3]

    [size=18:0dbec454a3]Free admission![/size:0dbec454a3]

    [quote:0dbec454a3]Captain Kennedy are about to release their second 4-track EP Factory Whistle Call in early October through Vinnie Lovelace Records. “Factory Whistle Call”, recorded at the Start Together Studios at Belfast’s new Oh Yeah Centre, is not smooth, controlled, or delivered with the glossy perfection of much modern pop music. This is cracked, rootsy material. Their harmonies are sometimes crooked, and singer Ciaran Lavery’s voice can get gravelly to the point of death-rattle. The EP, which has already received airplay on BBC Radio 1, captures the true spirit of Captain Kennedy’s live sound. [/quote:0dbec454a3]

  2. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Should be a track on Radio Ulster tonight from 7pm.
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    This is tonight so it is!