1. avatar digmo
    Just a quick post to highlight the Escape Act Release

    The unique online bonanza kicked off with the first three releases appearing respectively on [url]http://www.MP3Hugger.com[/url], boxSetGo and [url]http://www.Amuze.me.[/url] Updates on the weekly release of new tracks will be announced on [url]http://www.escapeact.com[/url]. Loosely Based On Fiction is a ten-track man-eating alt-pop rocket, hotly anticipated since the June release of single ‘God Says’ and it doesn’t disappoint. (“Top Marks” - Hot Press).

    With a finely balanced mix of sub-3 minute pop tunes and mind-bending indie-psych explosions, Loosely Based On Fiction offers the discerning music lover a multi-layered, high definition, cross platform, socially networked Vitamin-D fix, sure to dispel the Autumnal blues.

    Definitely worth checking out,