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    Big night in Lavery's attic with two Cork bands, The Avalanche Effect and Burn us both, as well as Black Bear Saloon and Electric circus. Jinkys!





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    Mmmmmmmmmm sexy
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  4. avatar DeliriumTremens
    The Avalanche Effect

    The Avalanche Effect have emerged as guitarists Barry Ronayne and Jon Pearson, Frank O Connell on bass, singer Steve Geaney and Cian Heffernan behind the drums. The initial concept was formed late into 2006 when ideas were knocked around but the band was at this stage instrumental. Steve joined in early 2007 to complete the outfit. Progress was made, slowly at first with the band preferring the confines of The Cottage to write and develop their music. By June 2007 the band felt ready and tentatively stepped on stage for the first time in front of packed audience at Fred's. Having been known in other bands there were definite expectations. These were met. The gig gave the band the much needed impetuous to move onwards, and upwards from there. A solid years worth of gigging has served to ingratiate The Avalanche Effect with the local scene. Good friends were made and some support interesting support slots were played. Amongst them: Fight Like Apes, Hooray For Humans, Terrordactyl and recently Tubelord and Blakfish on their March '08 Irish Tour. The band now felt confident enough to put their music down on record. For this, they made the trip to Tralee, Co.Kerry and the marvellous Data Recording Studio was at their disposal. Marshalling the effort was the excellent Ross O Donovan (of Ten Past Seven and Waiting Room fame). The results of which is an e.p. entitled: "Do You Think They Can Hear Us?", which is on sale in Plugd Records, Cork, or from the lads at a gig! In an often cluttered music scene like Cork, it's so easy to get swallowed. The same influences are always cited. But it's only those who can stride above this, drawing new conclusions and ultimately giving a unique spin that will get noticed. The Avalanche Effect have. Enjoy the e.p. as much as I did. M.C. (livewire) May 2008

    Burn us Both

    Burn Us Both are a 4-piece rock band located in Cork but hailing from various areas in the West Cork region. After agreeing to create a new band on a drunken night out in the summer of 2005, the original line-up of Kevin Mulcahy, Damien O'Brien, Liam Urwin and Donogh Hurley would stumble across a name with the help of the dashing Clive Owen in the smash hit that was 'Sin City'. A year of gigging which saw the lads gradually build up a name for themselves on the Cork music scene brought about a change in the line-up. Omah Stevens, once a villain in an episode of Batman, was drafted in on guitar and the lads have proceded to gig up and down the country to everyone and anyone who ll listen ever since. With various interests and attitudes towards music, BuB draw inspiration from bands such as Reuben, At The Drive-In, biffy clyro, oceansize, Bloc Party, Jimmy Eat World, QOTSA, Berkeley, Sonic Youth, Opeth, Mastodon, Future Kings Of Spain, dinosaur jr. The Frames, and everything in between. It is this diverse outlook that helps the band find the hybridity that doesn't tie them down to one genre in particular. BuB's songs are laced with pop-tinged choruses and pumping, intricate riffs which do their very best to create havoc in your head. Having already played alongside some great Irish bands such as Humanzi, stanley super 800, Future Kings Of Spain, plus shed loads of great Cork bands (far too many to mention) a co headline tour of the country in summer 2007 with fellow rap scallions sideproject burn us both hope to continue doing what they do to who ll ever listen for as long as possible------------------------->"Burn Us Both have a way with a riff and 'Captain Planet' is no exception blessed as it is with intricate needling guitars" - Don O’Mahony, Evening Echo. --------------------------------->"Burn Us Both are a straight up guitar rock band and what they do, they do exceedingly well. With catchy guitar riffs and even catchier choruses they are utterly enjoyable… With great song writing and a satisfying guitar heavy sound, these guys have already been making a name for themselves around cork"- EXP Magazine

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    This Friday amigos :smt028
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    :smt064 Is that tonight??
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    Ci. Everyone must go to this. Attendance is essential. Killer robots have been deployed to destroy anyone not in Laverys attic tonight. I know it's not very nice, but that's how we roll; stop whining!
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    Lookin' forward to seeing the Cork bands live. Plus the DT's of course.
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    Im up a semi at the thoughts of tonight.
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    Yay!!! It's Friday, let's blast off. 123GO.