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    [b:1aa042f80b][size=24:1aa042f80b]David Holmes / Twinkranes / Cherrystones[/size:1aa042f80b]

    [size=18:1aa042f80b]Friday 10th October / Black Box / 10pm / £6[/size:1aa042f80b][/b:1aa042f80b]

    (preceded by free screening of Halber Mensch - a tour film of Einstürzende Neubauten)


    [b:1aa042f80b]David Holmes[/b:1aa042f80b], fresh from the release of his stunning LP, ‘The Holy Pictures’, promises a selection of Musique Concrète, rare Library music, Soundtracks, odd-ball esoteric one-offs, and some exclusive unreleased experiments from his vaults.

    [b:1aa042f80b]Twinkranes[/b:1aa042f80b] are a whacked out, closely knit trio specializing in zone-out progressive pop music. In it’s treatment and taste it is hook laden, trance like and motor driven. A unique three pronged attack of hammer action psychedelia that twitches the brain, pummels the heart and roars from a mouth that’s blister red.

    Recent activities have seen the group tour the UK with the B-Music collective, play storming sets at the Primavera Sound and Electric Picnic festivals, and complete their debut LP set for release on Twisted Nerve Records.

    [b:1aa042f80b]DJ Cherrystones[/b:1aa042f80b] is London resident Garreth Goddard. Cherrystones is a music lover first and foremost, who happens to be a beat-digger par-excellence. Cherrystones is the sound of Psychedelia-Soundtracks-Folk-Rock-Prog-Noise-Moog-and-Library records. As well as releasing his own music through various labels, Cherrystones has a long-standing association with Andy Votel’s B-Music Collective.

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    Please note, Black Box has a late license for this night.

    More info on Einstüzende Neubauten screening here: