1. avatar dodima

    "Ghostly, haunting…Magical stuff"
    – The Sunday Times

    "Very impressive"
    – The Guardian

    "Mumford & Sons have that knack for playing the most vital of
    instruments, the heartstrings."
    – The Independent

    "Genuinely splendid"
    – The Observer

    "One of the UK's most enticing musical propositions"
    – The Fly

    Mumford & Sons release their second EP, "Love Your Ground", on 3rd
    November through Chess Club Recordings.

    Since the quartet's formation in December 2007 through to their
    introductory debut EP in July, Mumford & Sons have finely chiseled out
    their status as one of Britain's most assured new acts of the year.

    When it comes to making music, there is a time to take it slowly and
    keep things unhurried. And then there's a time to go ballistic, let it
    all out. Happily, rabble-rousing West Londoners Mumford & Sons have a
    knack for doing both.

    Catch the band live and you'll see four young men playing with a
    lusty, let-rip fervour. Mumford & Sons divulge warmth, immaculate
    musicianship, and a 'join in!' spirit, and mix it with a
    heart-on-sleeve honesty and directness. Sprawling, bold, and yet
    touchingly intimate, there are few, if any, acts today that have that
    unique ability to truly enrapture in their live performances, where
    each show becomes a cherished memory.

    Togetherness is fundamental to Mumford & Sons. It's there in the
    tightness of the arrangements, and the four part harmonies – it's
    pretty unusual to hear pitch-perfect harmonies that are also meaty,
    masculine and downright loud. And it's in the simple fact that Mumford
    & Sons get such a kick out of playing together.

    Mumford & Sons tour America throughout September with Johnny Flynn and
    Laura Marling. The band return to the UK for a headline tour in
    October and November


    “The Lowly Knights are as fresh and bracing as just-squeezed lemon juice”
    - AU

    “… wonderful, brilliant, talented LOVELY knights... spectacular and fabulous.
    I just can’t find enough adjectives.”
    - Sian O’Neill, Oxjam

    “...absolutely breathtaking.”
    - Live Review, Across The Line

    “Mixing the kind of literate folk pop that The Decemberists would snap
    their pencils for, with spacey, wide-screen, vocal backing, The Lowly
    Knights could rise higher than the dome where they recently played.”
    - Hot Press


    Two great bands, no door tax. This will be a great Saturday evening.
  2. avatar FrontRowDancing!
    this will be cracker
  3. avatar rentaghost
    Can one of the Lowly Knights get in touch with me about this gig please!
  4. avatar dodima