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    (... and you thought gigs in Ahoghill were tough!)

    A fresh perspective on the usual portrayals of life in contemporary Iraq, [b:059f993630]Heavy Metal in Baghdad [/b:059f993630]follows the fortunes of Acrassicauda (Black Scorpion) the country's only heavy metal band. An intrepid feat of D.I.Y reportage, film-maker Suroosh Alvi put on his bulletproof vest and sneaked into Baghdad to meet the band's members.''This is risky'' he says, ''People would say it's really stupid for us to being doing this. But, uh, you know, heavy metal rules.''

    Executive produced by Spike Jonze, Heavy Metal in Baghdad is unique in its approach to the rock doc genre, redefining headbanging as an act of hard-core courage. Book yer tickets now at www.queensfilmtheatre.com