1. avatar unplugged
    brand new completely unopened. RRP 6 per packet.

    All 15 packets for 35

    thats about 2.33 a packet.
    they are bronze 12 gauge strings with great tone and feel.

    selling due to surplus.

  2. avatar confetti
    i'll have them, email me jacqui@blackconfetti.com and we can sort out payment.
  3. avatar unplugged
    emailed back jacqui.

    i will add until somebody arranges a time and place to collect/meet for these they are anybodys

    pure bargain. best strings about they last literally ages.
    better than diaddario i find. and they are dearer than 6
  4. avatar unplugged

    both have expressed interest in strings.

    id rather sell to gavin as he lives a mile away and its easier for me to get the strings to gavin.

    as you guys know each other you canmaybe sort somethin out.

    gav you got mail. wen suits to call. ill be in bar tomo night playing guitar if u wanna call in and see me ill bring them?