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    Club AU In Association with Miller Genuine Draft is a three-roomed extravaganza featuring the best in Irish bands, artists and DJs. There has never been a better time for music in Ireland, and the two main strongholds of Belfast and Dublin both boast extremely healthy scenes. The goal of Club AU is to continue to build bridges across Ireland and to bring the best in music to new audiences. A combination of the hottest Irish bands, both north and south, will continue to take to the stage of The Attic. The Ball Room plays host to [b]OMGWTFDISCO[/b], with [b]FAUX DJs[/b] manning the decks. The Bunker Club will continue to be the staple of Laveryís, with [b]Gregz McCann[/b] guaranteeing enough dancefloor action to fell an elephant. The times will be good.


    [i]In the Attic:[/i]
    [b]TEAM FRESH[/b]

    [i]In the Ball Room:[/i]
    Feat. [b]FAUX. DJs[/b]

    [i]In the Bunker:[/i]
    [b]GREGZ MCCANN[/b]

    [size=18]SATURDAY OCTOBER 18[/size]
    [b]DOORS 10PM, ADM £5[/b]

    Limerick punk-rock lunatics giveamanakick are one of Irelandís most awe-inspiring live acts. As illustrated so impressively on this yearís third long-player, Welcome To The Cusp, the masked duo of giveamanakeith and Steveamanakick provide a blend of controlled rhythmic pyrotechnics and raw power. They are unhinged, intelligent, nasty and primed to go off like an explosion of ultimate fury. Make sure youíre in the vicinity when they detonate. [url]http://www.myspace.com/giveamanakick[/url]

    The much-championed mojoFURY have garnered an enviable reputation for delivering thrillingly volatile live performances. Straddling the worlds of grunge and punk they utilize serrated guitar, police pounding on the door percussion and anguished holler to create gloriously twisted anthems. Not so much a music show as a high-wire act, gigs invariably find the band teetering on the razorís edge between control and chaos. One thingís for sure, itís gonna be exhilarating.

    [b]TEAM FRESH[/b]
    Ah how about this for a little palate cleanser, a Northern Irish rock-rap act with tunes, charisma and attitude to spare. Team Fresh are a head-on collision between Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine with a little Portadown pizzazz thrown in for good measure. Buzzsaw guitars and loping beats underpin witty, insightful rhymes to create something refreshingly different. Prepare to join the party squad.

    For more information or to arrange interviews contact [i]Kim Barclay[/i] at the AU Office on 02890 324455 or via kim@iheartau.com.

    Visit www.myspace.com/millerireland for the chance to win tickets to the event, and for more information on Miller Genuine Draft.

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    this Saturday, nice!
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    nice, belter line up