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    We've made it, ladies and gents. 50 not out, our half century, our gold anniversary. And a celebration of all that is good and holy about NI music these last five years. Enjoy.


    [b:3020eac7c3]THE TOP 50 NORTHERN IRISH SONGS OF OUR LIFETIME[/b:3020eac7c3]
    From 2003 to 2008 – the songs that have soundtracked your lives and ours

    [b:3020eac7c3]THE STREETS[/b:3020eac7c3]
    The Bard of Birmingham tackles the big questions

    Greg Saunier on The Exorcist, failing empires and Radiohead’s influence on their new album

    [b:3020eac7c3]GARTH ENNIS[/b:3020eac7c3]
    Twenty years of blazing hell with the comics maestro

    [b:3020eac7c3]SEASICK STEVE[/b:3020eac7c3]
    Subterranean homesick hobo

    [b:3020eac7c3]FUCKED UP[/b:3020eac7c3]
    The six-headed hardcore beast that is blowing minds and drawing blood

    [b:3020eac7c3]DON’T LOSE THE MUSIC[/b:3020eac7c3]
    Is your hearing at risk? AU investigates the damage music can do


    [b:3020eac7c3]History Lessons:[/b:3020eac7c3]
    Pixies – from a whisper to a scream

    Sinéad O’Connor – a ripping yarn on American TV

    [b:3020eac7c3]A To Z of Flops:[/b:3020eac7c3]
    An alphabetical catalogue of failure

    [b:3020eac7c3]Respect Your Shelf:[/b:3020eac7c3]
    The connoisseur’s guide to the Coen brothers

    [b:3020eac7c3]Label Profile:[/b:3020eac7c3]
    Stonking Limerick in[b:3020eac7c3][/b:3020eac7c3]die Out On A Limb

    [b:3020eac7c3]Classic Album:[/b:3020eac7c3]
    [i:3020eac7c3]The Scream[/i:3020eac7c3] by Siouxsie And The Banshees

    [b:3020eac7c3]Splice Up Your Life:[/b:3020eac7c3]
    [i:3020eac7c3]Ferris Bueller’s Day Of The Dead[/i:3020eac7c3] and other failed pilots

    [b:3020eac7c3]Incoming:[/b:3020eac7c3] Iglu & Hartly / Esser / Hawnay Troof
    [b:3020eac7c3]5 To 1:[/b:3020eac7c3] Rock jailbirds / Comedy teams
    [b:3020eac7c3]Ironic Iconic:[/b:3020eac7c3] The Village People
    [b:3020eac7c3]The Last Word:[/b:3020eac7c3] The comic genius that is Walt Martin of The Walkmen

    [b:3020eac7c3]>ALBUMS: [/b:3020eac7c3]Duke Special / Bloc Party / Deerhoof / TV On The Radio / Rolo Tomassi / Those Dancing Days / Fucked Up / Jenny Lewis / Adebisi Shank / Iglu & Hartly / Deerhunter / The Walkmen / Jay Reatard / Lambchop / Girl Talk

    [b:3020eac7c3]>LIVE:[/b:3020eac7c3] Electric Picnic special

    [b:3020eac7c3]>UNSIGNED:[/b:3020eac7c3] John Shelly & The Creatures / Robert Holmes / The Dead Parrots / Clown Parlour

    [i:3020eac7c3]Most Wanted:[/i:3020eac7c3] Gigs, films, games, arts, comics
    [i:3020eac7c3]Back Of The Net:[/i:3020eac7c3] The funniest YouTube videos
    [i:3020eac7c3]WeirdWideWeb:[/i:3020eac7c3] Story Of The Video feat. It Hugs Back
    [i:3020eac7c3]Get Your Clicks:[/i:3020eac7c3] Trainers
    [i:3020eac7c3]In Pictures:[/i:3020eac7c3] Pics from Two Step’s Third Birthday Party @ The Limelight, Belfast and Hard Working Class Heroes @ Temple Bar, Dublin

    [b:3020eac7c3]WORD UPS:[/b:3020eac7c3] Deerhunter / Adebisi Shank / Fight Like Apes / The Japanese Popstars/ Conway Savage/ Matter Club / But wherefore art thou George Michael?
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    Absolutely gorgeous cover!
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    It actually uses a spot gold metallic ink too, so it looks even better on the page. Big props to the designer Tim Farrell for it.
  4. avatar the*optimist
    Is the five a musical note as well? ace.
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    [quote:4975764ea3="the*optimist"]Is the five a musical note as well? ace.[/quote:4975764ea3]Er, no?

    Really nice cover.