1. avatar king street rehearsals
    We are looking for a mature and responsible person who has knowledge of music equipment to help us look after the rehearsal room and parts of the arts centre in King Street.

    - Letting in bands during the week (evening time mostly)
    - Trouble shooting small technical problems
    - Making sure the place is tidy and nothing is missing
    - Taking bookings over the phone
    - Clean the arts centre once a week

    50 a week - ca. 5-7 hours work

    Contact: King Street Arts 90327297 or email sophie@kingstreetarts.com
  2. avatar guitar_103
    ill do it!
  3. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Not particularly knowledgeable about technical musical instrument stuff, but have some minimal experience of office work and am a good cleaner.
    And most of all am despereate for a job!
  4. avatar king street rehearsals
    Thanks very much for all the interest re the rehearsal studio job. The post has been filled, so once again thanks very much for all your correspondence.