1. avatar Donnie Brasco
    Paul McClure, founding member of Stand-Up Guy, has taken the decision to leave. For eight years, Paul’s commitment, creative input, good humour and fierce live performances have been the cornerstone of this band, a stability which enabled us all to reach landmark occasions in our lives. His efforts have allowed Stand-Up Guy to become what it is today, and his dedication since inception cannot be overstated.

    However, everything changes, and over the last few months Paul has come to feel he simply no longer enjoys the mechanics of a working band like he used to. No decisions have been made regarding the future of Stand-Up Guy, but brief discussions between the remaining three affirm that we don’t feel finished yet, we still have a contribution to make in this form of expression.

    Paul has pledged to complete all remaining S-UG shows this year (check www.myspace.com/standup_guy ), so expect to hear from us again soon enough. As ever, we remain grateful to YOU, for the support you provide, everything we do has you in mind.

    Ian, Philip & Conor
    Stand-Up Guy
  2. avatar mrginger
    hey, just wanted to say I always rated you guys heavily as a stellar local band and will never forget the time I seen you support red sparrowes. Hope it all works out and that you guys keep it rocking somehow.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    Hi guys. Good luck with however you take things forward.
  4. avatar fastfude
    +1. Good luck lads.
  5. avatar Donnie Brasco
    Thank you folks.
  6. avatar hoaxdrummer
    Sad news indeed - all the best for the future whatever happens!

    Such a great band!