1. avatar spirit of division
    [size=9]spirit of division presents:[/size]

    [color=violet][size=24]INVASION EARTH[/size][/color]


    [color=violet][size=24]THE LOBOTOMIES
    + START STOP[/size][/color]

    WEDS 8th OCT
    DOORS 9pm
    ADM 3




    Pol Pot loves them so should you.

    The lean mean touring machine keeps on going...serving up raw catchy hardcore punk that still manages to keep it's melodic side; the Lobotomies remain thrashy from start to finish. Shouty and intelligent...count me in.

    Where their contemporaries fail at keeping your attention and songs seem to become a blur, the Lobotomies manage to fuse their punk and hardcore influences into one coherent assault leaving their generic counterparts waning.


    DIY punk rock the way it was meant to be - fresh, upfront and honest...not forgetting very very good.

    Ireland's best.

    [color=violet][b]THEE RADICALS[/b][/color]



    Ex Monkhouse / Runnin Riot...punk rock...need we say anything more?!

    (The myspace still says Thee Cougars but that's due to a recent name change! Have a listen...plesently surprising!)

    [color=violet][b]START / STOP [/b][/color]

    Daz Craig is alive and well though living in the middle of nowhere...well Ballymena...expect upbeat 80's tunes, punk rock, post hardcore and anything that takes his fancy...party times will be had.

    Last time saw men getting naked and tourists dancing...hopefully this time people will keep their clothes on...

    or pm me!

  2. avatar spirit of division
    Now with added ex Monkhouse / Runnin Riot fun...
  3. avatar Daz
    Tonight!! :D
  4. avatar danbastard
    I'm only going if Daz Craig plays the Malcom in the Middle theme tune. :P
  5. avatar Daz
    [quote:ca74759068="danbastard"]I'm only going if Daz Craig plays the Malcom in the Middle theme tune. :P[/quote:ca74759068]

    Haha, I might you know!
  6. avatar whosbainejakey

    Who's playing next Wednesday's IE?
  7. avatar gregz
    Wed 15th Oct
    Invasion Earth Vs Point Blank
    Point Blank DJs
    Hand Of Death
    Electric Red

    Selected Drinks 1.50 before midnight
  8. avatar spirit of division
    No bands tonite alas...just daz spinning tunes...
  9. avatar danbastard
    First I heard. Blast!
  10. avatar spirit of division
    Ah! Kev said so!