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    [b:46358946a4]Anni Rossi[/b:46358946a4], a Minnesota born, classically trained multi-instrumentalist has recently been added to the already impressive roster at 4AD -once home to Pixies and currently featuring Bon Iver, The Breeders and Stereolab- and is stopping off from her [i:46358946a4]Afton[/i:46358946a4] EP tour to play Lavery's Bunker on Thursday, October 9. [i:46358946a4]Afton[/i:46358946a4], her debut on 4AD is viola based but makes great use of other instruments like clarinet and drums. Innevitably, comparisons will be drawn with Joanna Newsom but Rossi has a definite knack for turning her inventive arrangements and strange song-structures into great pop.

    Touring with Anni is Chicago based performer [b:46358946a4]Rollin Hunt [/b:46358946a4]whose ramshackle songs have been described as awkwardly beautiful and has been called a Beach Boys/60's girl group fan lost somewhere along the way.

    [b:46358946a4] John McGurgan[/b:46358946a4] can be seen on a weekly basis at the Black Box's Das Vibic Sexy Time and will be improvising his way through a set with some friends. We're not sure what's going to happen but we're sure it will be good.

    Dominic O'Neill[/b:46358946a4], more famously of local psychedelic-country rockers, The Delawares will be completing the bill with some help from Winding Stair's Tom Hughes on cello.

    Doors will be 6:30 and admission will be 6/4 w/flyers (with free admission to Megatron after the show).
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    This is going to be a great night - check out Anni Rossi's myspace... and because it's an early show, you don't have to choose from all the other Thursday night madness till it's over...