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    [url=http://www.myspace.com/defianceclub]Defiance![/url] in association with [url=http://www.myspace.com/deadonmusicni]Dead On Music[/url] presents...

    [size=25:dffc82acb7][b:dffc82acb7]MY FIRST TOOTH[/b:dffc82acb7][/size:dffc82acb7] (UK)



    My First tooth is the brain child (and love child) of One Toy Soldier's Ross Witt. Influenced and inspired by bands like the Eels, Okkervil River, The Good Life and Neutral Milk Hotel, Witt initially began MFT as a solo singer songwriter project with an unabashed adoration of modern indie folk. But, with an enthusiastic response from many local musicians (and the addition of violins and more vocals) it quickly developed into something else...something grand and with ambition but slightly awkward and unsure of itself at the same time.

    Witt's admiration for musicians like Joanna Newsom and Will Sheff shine through in his eloquent and lucid storytelling, which raises the whole project way above the usual singer songwriter dross. Yes, Witt can spin a yarn about a boy with a broken heart but he’ll do it so subtly and deftly that it will wrap you up in a blanket under the stars and enchant you like the first fairy tale you heard as a child. These songs can be a lullaby for lost and the lonely or a swift punch to the chest, but either way, we defy you not to be moved.

    [i:dffc82acb7]"..recommendations.. My First Tooth"[/i:dffc82acb7] - Huw Stephens, Radio 1

    [i:dffc82acb7]"Simultaneously rough and delicate, MFT make music that'll quietly ravage your heart, then give it a gentle stroke better. Killer pretty stuff"[/i:dffc82acb7] - Marsha Shandur, XFM

    [i:dffc82acb7]"..enjoyable alt/country.."[/i:dffc82acb7] - Rock Sound

    [i:dffc82acb7]"All things permitting, this lot should be a force to be reckoned with soon. In an ideal world, they already would be."[/i:dffc82acb7] - NoiseMakesEnemies

    [i:dffc82acb7]"There really is no reason why this guy cannot become the British Willy Mason.[/i:dffc82acb7]" - Size

    [i:dffc82acb7]"A boy plays guitar and sings, a girl plays violin/melodica/bouzouki and sings and the whole thing is very, very lovely."[/i:dffc82acb7] - www.soundsxp.com

    [size=25:dffc82acb7][b:dffc82acb7]OLDSEED[/b:dffc82acb7][/size:dffc82acb7] (CANADA)



    [i:dffc82acb7]"Quite frankly, one of the best songwriters this country has ever produced...music which a world, sick of it's own superficiality, longs for."[/i:dffc82acb7] - 24 Hours Vancouver

    [i:dffc82acb7]"you've got nothing but light, let it shine, with it's hick harmonies, lazy harmonica and eerie banjo plucking, is one of the most god-beautiful songs of the year."[/i:dffc82acb7] - Globe and Mail

    [i:dffc82acb7]"I'm serious. Holy crap, is this album good. Every line is so good it makes me crazy not to have written it."[/i:dffc82acb7] - FFWD Calgary

    [i:dffc82acb7]"He's captured whatever it is that makes great folk music so compelling."[/i:dffc82acb7] - Exclaim! Magazine




    Formed in January 2005, Kagura are a Belfast-based Indie Rock band.

    Fronted by joint male/female vocalists, Kagura employ contrasting acoustic and electric guitars seamlessly fused with soaring harmonies and melody. Drawing upon their collective influences, including artists such as Damien Rice, Biffy Clyro, Imogen Heap and Jeff Buckley, the band has created a hugely unique and definitive sound of their very own.

    Following an extensive gig schedule throughout Ireland during 2005/06, the band were selected as the joint winner's of the 2007 Jack Daniel's JD Set Unsigned Competition by Radio One's Rob Da Bank. As a result, the band travelled to London and played a unique secret show for Channel 4 in front of a specially invited audience of music industry guests.

    Later that year, the band reached the final fourteen of Virgin Mobile's Road To V competition and performed at the illustrious Liverpool Carling Academy. The band were also interviewed by T4's George Lamb as part of the competition and featured again on Channel 4.


    [url=http://www.myspace.com/myfirsttooth]MY FIRST TOOTH[/url]
    [i:dffc82acb7]+ SPECIAL GUESTS[/i:dffc82acb7]
    DOORS 9PM, £5 (pay on the door)
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    This has had to be postponed because Oldseed had some Visa problems and couldn't get into the UK. Woe. Should happen sometime next year.

    This show *may* still be going on, with a different line-up.

    Details of that will be posted up soon in a new thread if that is indeed the case.

    So this can be locked or deleted or something.

  3. avatar JTM
    Dang! My First Tooth are wicked, I hope this can be salvaged.
  4. avatar Gogs
    MFT are indeed wicked, they played a show for me just before Christmas last year.. I'll definitely get 'em back over again in Spring. :)