1. avatar crilli
    My first post!
    Hi Folks

    Im on the hunt for a p.a system suitable for a dj setup, for a 100-150 sized venue.
    The system needs to be 2K Or more, and available for rental for less than 100.

    Can anyone help out?
  2. avatar unplugged
    we used to use dougie but i dont have his number anymore

    plenty of folks on here have his number though im sure?
  3. avatar crilli
    is dougie a belfast guy? we normally use a guy called terry (tibbs dawg as hes affectionately known to us) but he seems to have slipped off the face of the planet of recent...
  4. avatar unplugged
    he is. someone here will post his number for u im sure.
  5. avatar stevie j
    Check your PM's