1. avatar Melfaso
    For sale: One lovely mint condition Aguilar GS210 (Bass Cab) & GK 700RbII (Bass Head)

    Aguilar GS210:
    Bought around a year and a half ago and has been gigged approx 4-5 times (I know, shamefull waste eh?).

    Condition wise I would put it at 9 our of 10 and its dropping a point simply because it's not 'brand new' having said that there are no visible marks anywhere on the cab and everything is in perfect working order.

    For specs etc see the official link below


    Im looking approx £325 for this (£500 back in the day) and given weight etc pick up from Belfast really would be the best option.

    I currently use this with a GK 700RbII which is also for sale and have to say it I have never had to worry about tone, the cab is REALLY responsive and even though its a 2x10 the ported speakers give a nice fat tone when needed. It has a very clean sound and the adjustable tweater can really push the high end if so wish. Clean/Punchy is probably the best way to describe it and it always cuts through even when the guitarist is at '11' - I have never pushed this past 5 at ANY gig I have ever played.

    GK 700RbII:
    The head is a little bit of a problem as the power section has stopped working just recently, I'm told it'll cost around 50-60 to repair but as I'm selling the cab I though someone might want to take a risk and pick up a bargain. Good price online for this is 400 + postage so I would let it go for 200 if picked up. Still a good price second hand after repairs.


    The cab would be a brilliant addition to a larger rig or even on its own with the head.

    Any questions 07841477642 or pm me
  2. avatar Melfaso
  3. avatar Danny McCormack
    Mmm, Aguilar! I'd buy it if I had the cash

    Good luck with the sale
  4. avatar Melfaso
    Thanks, its a great piece of kit and the cab is one of the best sounding on the market in my opinion.