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    [color=red:b837606b16]Mini Synth : 3 Oscillator, Ring Mod, Sonic Madness[/color:b837606b16] £45

    This compact, portable, hand-crafted sound device crams together three oscillators, a ring modulator, and enough switches and dials to keep the most compulsive twiddler happy. You will be able to create an amazing range of sonic effects - everything from retro arcade game bleeps and bloops, to wild, dirty modulation effects, through to soothing, hypnotic, ambient drones and cross-beats, plus lots more besides.

    This thing can do lots; such as:

    - frequency modulation (sirens, trills, swoops, vibrato, bubbling, etc)
    - amplitude modulation (on-off volume changes, tremolo, “stuttering”, etc)
    - ring modulation (cross-frequency interaction between the two audio oscillators)
    - wild tonal variations – sounds like phasing, high-resonance filter modulation, and almost vocal/nasal timbres

    The rate, depth and/or mix of these effects can be adjusted over wide ranges, greatly increasing the palette of sounds that you can produce.

    [b:b837606b16]Technical Specification:[/b:b837606b16]
    Oscillator 1 – Low-Frequency oscillator (LFO), with two switchable ranges. The first goes from about 1 cycle per second up to the audio range, whilst the second range drops the lowest frequency down to about one cycle every 10 seconds or so. The modulation output waveform is also switchable from square to sloped. There are separate dials for modulation rate (frequency) and depth (intensity).

    Oscillators 2 & 3 – audio oscillators, covering virtually the entire audio range. A switch allows two different type of modulation between the two oscillators, either ring modulation, or inter-modulation, leading to wonderful tonal effects.

    In either case, the LFO can further modulate Oscillator 3 at the same time as either of the other modulation effects are selected, leading to some very complex and fascinating multiple-modulation sounds.

    Ring Modulator – when ring modulation is engaged, an RM ‘mix/blend’ dial allows the degree of ring modulation to be controlled. One extreme of the dial gives oscillator 3’s output alone, the other extreme gives full ring modulation between oscillator 2 and oscillator 3, and any subtle mix of the two can be selected in between.

    The controls are as follows (left to right):

    [b:b837606b16]Top row[/b:b837606b16]
    Osc 1 frequency (LFO rate), Osc 2 frequency, Osc 3 frequency

    [b:b837606b16]Middle row (switches)[/b:b837606b16]
    LFO lo/hi freq range, LFO waveform, Osc2/3 modulation type, Power on-off

    [b:b837606b16]Bottom row[/b:b837606b16]
    LFO depth, Ring Mod ‘Mix’, Output volume
    Output is via a standard quarter-inch / 6.5mm ‘guitar’ jack socket. You can feed this directly into a hi-fi, instrument amp, or computer sound card.

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    PM'd :)
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    I want it! Still available?
  4. avatar drive by fader
    Hey Pete,

    The guy above got in first but if he doesn't like the sonic goodness after trying it i'll keep hold of it for you.

  5. avatar spirit of division
    Please do! I love noise toys and seen this before...havent heard it but I'm sure it's immense. Off to Paris in a few but let me know soon as :)