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    [b:3cff028aa3][color=green:3cff028aa3]REVENGE THERAPY/OSCILLATIONS FESTIVAL PRESENT[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]

    [b:3cff028aa3][color=cyan:3cff028aa3]JEREMY JAY (K Records)[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]
    [b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]CREEPING NOBODYS[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]
    [b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]WHAT WHAT[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]
    [b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]JL SEAGULL[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]

    Thursday 9th Oct
    The Black Box, 18-22 Hill St
    Doors 8.00pm

    From the label that brought you Beck, Bikini Kill and The Microphones comes one of the coolest new signings to K Records in a very long time, get ready for the uber-fabulous chanteuse Jeremy Jay!

    The very young, very handsome Swiss/American, 6'3 JEREMY JAY is ready to bust his moves in Europe. Jeremy Jay's self titled debut album will be released on May 20th worldwide through K.was produced by the indie heavyweight Calvin Johnson, with the single ‘Airwalker’ already taking off in the U.S. college charts hitting # 1 is several cities like New York and San Francisco. Like Buddy Holly, Peter Pan and the John Hughes movies rolled into one. He's pure Storybook. Jeremy Jay lives in Angel town, next to Larchmont where he hangs out. He’s tall(6’3) blond (really) and handsome and wants a cat for his apartment. He writes and plays piano and guitar. He says one of his favorite things to do is drive around with the moon roof open and listen to music with his friends. It seems that hes both a small town boy and a big city boy in one. He’s really inspired by the movies and it seems that most of his songs are very movie oriented and so dreamy.


    [i:3cff028aa3]"A lot of our dreams lately have been sound tracked by Jeremy Jay and his ghostly pop. " [/i:3cff028aa3][b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]FADER[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]

    [i:3cff028aa3]"Jay’s debut on Calvin Johnson’s K Records showcases his dual passions for ’50s doo-wop and French chansons, which coalesce into lo-fi, reverb-saturated pop"[/i:3cff028aa3][b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]XLR8R[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]

    [i:3cff028aa3]"Jeremy Jay appears to be a man out of time.”[/i:3cff028aa3][b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]PITCHFORK[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]

    FOR FANS OF-[b:3cff028aa3][color=violet:3cff028aa3]Atlas Sound, Leonard Cohen , Miricle Fortress, Ariel Pink, Bon Iver, Beat Happening, Jason Anderson, Calvin Johnson, Bonny Prince Billy, Shocking Pinks, Alaska In Winter, Chromatics, Andrew Bird, The Cave Singers,etc etc[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]

    [b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]CREEPING NOBODYS[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]
    Creeping Nobodies employ a classic line-up of drums, guitar, bass and keyboards, but there’s instrument switching and experiments with bells, sheet metal, broken glass, trombone, violin, oscillators and deep delays set to a super propulsive and erratic rhythm section and dark, brooding, and thoroughly deadpan female vocals.

    [b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]WHAT WHAT[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]
    What What describe themselves as “Electronic Kraut-pop for beachcombers.” Formed in 2007 through their respective work at SARC, What What are as reliant on “fun, future, and a little bit of failure” as on their sonic arts background.

    [b:3cff028aa3][color=yellow:3cff028aa3]JL SEAGULL[/color:3cff028aa3][/b:3cff028aa3]
    JL Seagull are a new Belfast improv duo building their sound from loop pedals, cheap keyboards and maracas.

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    This is part of the Oscillations Festival. Tickets should surface soon from the venue, welcome centre etc.

    here is the video for ''airwalker''

  3. avatar the dirty weed
    yeah, this'll be a good one and there's a fine bunch of supports to be announced when the programme launches next week.
  4. avatar Revenge Therapy
    This is this Thursday! should be fun!
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  6. avatar sassyjam
    creeping nobodies were wonderful. so so good