1. avatar Gripper Magee
    WE NEED PEOPLE so we're recruiting for assistants on a casual hourly basis with a minimum of four hour call.

    It's essential that you have at least one year’s practical and operational experience in at least one of the following areas within the entertainments industry:-

    a. Sound
    b. Modern Lighting Control Systems and Programmes
    c. Technical Stage or Production Management

    And a working knowledge of Microsoft packages.

    You can apply online here [url]https://lisburncity.erecruit.co.uk/erecruit/job/details.do;jsessionid=68C110A1239679E11A14459CF9F8ED03?jobId=233[/url]

    Closing date [color=red:d2a33f4746][/color:d2a33f4746]8th September 4pm THIS SUNDAY[color=black:d2a33f4746][/color:d2a33f4746]
  2. avatar Gripper Magee
  3. avatar Recycled Alien
    Will you be an interviewer?
  4. avatar Gripper Magee
    I'm not sure yet who's on the panel but there will be one of us.
  5. avatar AP-Belfast
    looking some casual work, on stage or in theatre
    have about 2 years experience in most of your topics!
    I can be easy going for what you might want me to do, when ever where ever! 07716380048