1. avatar Glenn Boy
    As stated,
    Stratocaster Neck, made by Squier (2006) maple with rosewood fingerboard, Big headstock truss rod adjustment at the headstock.

    Stripped to the bare wood, professionally resprayed with with nitro and a vintage tint added. I have tinted the neck with an amber tint, the face of the headstock is slighty darker than the rest of the neck as most of the vintage neck's from the 70's have aged that way.

    Vintage correct 70's decal has been added and sprayed over to seal, the decal is completely flush with the headstock as i have sprayed a number of coats of nitro over it.

    Entire neck has been flat sanded with 2000 wet and dry and buffed up to a high gloss, it's super silky smooth! It's like a mirror finish.

    It's 56mm at the heel and 42mm at the nut. It's the original nut supplied when made. The headstock face has two holes for string trees, original position from the factory. The machine head holes are 7.6mm in dia. The frets have been dressed and cleaned up. The neck is as straight as a die.

    As i have said above, the nut is original as when supplied. It's just a simple case of fitting onto your existing guitar and away you go. The neck DOES NOT come with tuners, or string trees or neck plate.

    This neck was bought of ebay a while back and i sprayed it ages ago, never used it on a project, but the neck was sold to me as second hand. There are no marks, bumps or damage to the neck or the fingerboard. The frets are in good condition, plenty of life left in them.

    Now for the price, looking in the region of 75 or best offer.

    Not sure of how to upload pics here, so if anyone can advise me please do.

    I can email pics of the neck.

    Thanks for looking