1. avatar The Limelight

    5 YEARS TIME - currently number 7 in the charts. Of course Kate Perry's song is much better. Ahem :smt011


    Tickets 8.50
  2. avatar flmcasey
    Nice one! I was pondering going to their Black Box show awhile back, regretted that I didn't.

    Can't wait until my EMA kicks in. (:
  3. avatar Steven Dedalus

    I had a look at this and thought, "What a load of bollocks."

    Then I stupidly went on their myspace, and discovered that they sounded exactly what I thought Vampire Weekend were going to sound like, and ended up really liking it.

    They sound like the soundtrack to a Wes Anderson movie.

    But look at them! They look like they should be rubbish! I wish I could not like them, but I can't.
  4. avatar Loopy Lu
    Not to worry bout missing them @the black box a while back - it was a non starter, pulled at the last minute. Caught them at Oxegen instead I think you call the lead singer Charlie, great voice live fantastic tone only problem more than slightly resembles Mika which I found unnerving. Also the funniest drummer ever - looks like he is fly catching with his mouth, opening and closing in in perfect time, extremely distracting+ funny to watch..bless!!!
  5. avatar the*optimist
    [quote:d23c70cbd5="Loopy Lu"]Not to worry bout missing them @the black box a while back - it was a non starter, pulled at the last minute. [/quote:d23c70cbd5]

    What!? this has made my day! I was fupping raging at the time of that as i missed them by a day after coming back from me hols!

    Their album should be pretty good as they have taken abit of time with it and their singles so far have been sterling.
  6. avatar The Limelight
    Limited Tickets left for tonight on the door.

    Over the Bar in Katy Dalys through the day...

    Doors 9pm

    Support is PLANET EARTH
  7. avatar T Entertainment
    "They sound like the soundtrack to a Wes Anderson movie."

    They sure do and you've summed up precisely why I despise them.

    I had to run screaming from Amoebas record store in San Francisco (in which every other person looks like they have walked off the set of a Wes Anderson movie) when it became clear they were about to do an instore. Lest I boke over their fine collection of second hand CDs.

  8. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:7cb87f754c]If a white guy takes a white girl to a Wes Anderson movie on their first date, and neither of them have seen it, they will immediately commence a relationship that is reflected in songs by Ryan Adams and Bright Eyes.


    Except for the Ryan Adams and Bright Eyes bit.
  9. avatar remedy malahide
    I find myself listening to the stories that make up the songs whilst wallowing in the stress free tuneage, pretty much I'm generally enjoying the album. What stands out on the album for me is the lead singers accent which seems to add extra realness to the stories in the songs.

    I did read this play.com review however, and it kinda reflected what I had thought when I saw the band play a session at a Folk Festival headlined by Mr Lakeman:

    [b:deb19b38a0]Laura the whale more like[/b:deb19b38a0]
    [i:deb19b38a0]Nikki1949 | 18/10/2008 | See all Nikki1949's reviews (1) [/i:deb19b38a0]

    I've only given this cd 2 stars cause there are only 2 songs without Laura Marling.Its in a way a good cd but Laura just ruins it. It sounds like she's trying to force her way into the song like a drunken bum forcing his way into a really good party.

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