1. avatar Andrew Mc Gibbon
    Hi Blokes and Ladies.

    I'm selling my Barcus Berry Cab, loaded with a 15" speaker and tweeter.
    This is technically a bass cab but I've used this for guitar with no bother at all, in fact it sounded great. I now use a funky white 2x12 and was kinda holding on to this for a spare.

    Its been well used and has a few scars and nicks, but make no mistake this is real quality, its built like a tank and all the add ons (handle, wheels etc) are the best you can get. Barcus Berry are an american firm how it got to norn iron I've no idea but I got it off an old showband guy who spoke very highly of it.

    This will do you the rest of your days, I happened to see a new Behringer one the other day, what a piece of shit, by comparison this is a different quality all together.

    I live in Lurgan, but will be in Belfast on Thursday. After that I can deliver anywhere else for the price of the diesel. any questions don't hesitate, you can phone/text me on 07849 806080.

    I'd need 80 for it and trust me thats cheap for a real quality cab like this, you couldn't buy the wood for that money.