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    My first post!
    Custom printed merchandise and Kick Drum Graphics for your band.

    Quality screen printed T-Shirts from 4.03 and Hooded Tops from 12.67 for your band. With our PVC kick drum graphics service you can get your band logo on to your drum skin from only 8.50.

    Visit our site for loads more items and offers!!!

    [size=18:ea17a88e25]Special Opening Offer save over 35[/size:ea17a88e25]

    Get 30 T-shirts with your design for only 110

    This offer includes:
    15 Guys Black Gildan 5000 T-Shirts
    5x Small, 5x Medium and 5x Large including Print.

    15 Girls Black AA Nikita T-Shirts
    5x Small, 5x Medium and 5x Large including Print.

    1 Logo in a 1 Colour Print
    Artwork Set-up included
    Original Price 145.39!!!


    Other Offers...

    [size=18:ea17a88e25]Offer 1[/size:ea17a88e25]

    Get 10 Gildan 5000 Black T-Shirt with a 1 colour design and get 2 free.
    Only 60.00 SAVE OVER 8

    [size=18:ea17a88e25]Offer 2[/size:ea17a88e25]

    Get 50 Gildan 5000 T-Shirts with a 1 colour print and get 10 sweatbands free including print.
    Only 216.00 SAVE OVER 20

    [size=18:ea17a88e25]Offer 3[/size:ea17a88e25]

    Get 25 Gildan 5000 T-Shirts & 25 AA Nikita Ladies & 15 AA22 Urban Hoodies with a 1 colour print.
    Only 390.00 SAVE OVER 22

    All offers exclude postage..

    Please contact us if you would like more information:

    Foul Mouth
    Tel: 07775837898
    Email: sales@foulmouth.co.uk[size=12:ea17a88e25][/size:ea17a88e25][size=12:ea17a88e25][/size:ea17a88e25]
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    Are those offer prices for screenprinting?

    Where are you based?