1. avatar vampiremonkeyonspeed
    My first post!
    whatever happened to that chat room thing that popped up a few weeks ago? WWW.SPACEDOGS.CO.UK
  2. avatar Anonymous
    the chat room is still there, but i've not seen many people using it, oh well.

    try it, but i doubt there will be anyone there.
    maybe there should be a 'proper' link to it somewhere......what ya think?
  3. avatar fastfude
    yep, chat shall return!

    anyone who knows of a chat program they think'd suit ff better, feel free to let me know!
  4. avatar Anonymous
    Yeah brill idea put a chat room on so I can give that feline1 a good talikng to.
  5. avatar feline1
    yeah like ewe'd last 5 minutes!! ;-) In Bristol am Avon ~~ Klingt es bald...
  6. avatar username
    are getting chat or wat?
  7. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Given that the last post before yours was 10 and a half years ago, I'd take a wild guess at no.
  8. avatar dragitback
    Put on chat rightly though. LOL
  9. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote='my angel rocks']Given that the last post before yours was 10 and a half years ago, I'd take a wild guess at no.[/quote]

    Not with that attitude, we won't.
  10. avatar username
    cant accuse me of starting double topics though & i was thinking of the fastfude environment when i recycled this topic!

    Ist der rechten Seite meines Gehirns kämpfen mit der linken Seite jedesmal wenn sie post?
  11. avatar my-angel-rocks

    3 reasons why I wouldn't use chat right there...
  12. avatar dragitback
    Did the woman not give you dirt or somethin?
  13. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Not in the least. Its just my desire to converse with people who use "LOL" as though it were a punctuation mark waned a good 10 or 12 years ago.