1. avatar fhoadam
    hi, i'm Adam and i have a problem. i just blew my entire wage packet on a new synth. i have a guitar amp but i'm led to believe that playing sythns through guitar amps is very bad. i was wodnering what do other keyboard/synth users use? does anyone know of any decent cheap keybaord amps?

    for my live setup i'll be using the synth and a sampler with a midi keyboard. i'm wodnering also what's the best way to hook these up and if anyone has any general advice or tips

    i was planning to just use the guitar amp and a wee mixer to get the levels right for the two. then mic it up to the pa for gigs. i'd rather have an amp than just plug straight into the pa.

  2. avatar EPK
    Your guitar amp will not handle the frequencies, and will make the synth sound crap. Particularly with a mike thrown in too.
    Go for the Peavey KB100 BUT stick your synth thru the PA, and then get an auxiliary return to the amp and use it as a monitor, instead of directly sticking yer stuff into the amp. The wee mixer should enable you to do that, and give you on stage control of your volume without affecting the pA volume.
  3. avatar fhoadam
    ahh, good stuff.

    ta eamonn

    i cant find any info on the web about thon amps price, what price is it new? Edited by: fhoadam at: 3/29/02 10:38:16 pm
  4. avatar EPK
    Dunno...Bairds( 02890 351358...just down York Rd near you)will set you right, they're a Peavey stockist.
    Mind you, I prefer the amps big bro...a beast at 300watts, but all you'll ever need...it's big,bulky and heavy, tho.
    Bairds do sometimes have secondhand models of both.
    You can try mine if you wish.
  5. avatar fhoadam
    excellent. i havent been to bairds since i moved here. must do that.

    do they do trade ins? i shant be needing the fender anymore, i have a pearl amp at home as well anyway
  6. avatar EPK
    Oooh....I imagine they would....
  7. avatar fhoadam
    nice. i'll call in the marra perhaps

    ta very much
  8. avatar Niall Harden
    a pearl amp?
    anyway, Bairds do indeed have a 300W Peavey Keyboard amp,
    in fact they have 2, one old and one new.
    they're trying to sell me them. it'll never work.

    adam, i can't remember if you asked this,
    but basically to control yr sampler from a MIDI Keyboard,
    use a MIDI lead out from the KB into the sampler,
    set 'em to the same channel, and rawk on.
  9. avatar Niall Harden
    hmmm, you didn't ask that. oh well...

    live, i use a casiotone keyboard into a sampler,
    pt it thru a filter in the sampler and take the audio out from the sampler into the line in of the drum machine, and hey presto, ****'s wee electronics centre is all controlled by me! mooohaaahaaa!
    well, it makes bearded iain's job easier...
  10. avatar fhoadam
    och niall! i'm not that silly. i know how to get all the gear workin! just wondering about what best to do for a live setup. but ta anyway
  11. avatar EPK
    If you have transport for gigs...get the KB 300 watt.
    You can use it for so many things. I've used 'em for 10 years now, and they're great...like having half a PA system...a 15" Black Widow and two horns...excellent full range sound. You can use 'em as bass amps, PA, acoustic amps.
  12. avatar fhoadam
    fu(kin nice. the price mightn't be so nice tho! i meant to go to bairds this mornin but slept in so i didnt have time.

    i dont know if my bank balance could take another blow like this!

    but sure fu(k it

    ta again. we'll be on the road yet
  13. avatar Riffmaster Steve

    Peavey KB300, £120, 5 hours to go...

  14. avatar EPK
    Aye, but it weighs about 8 stone.
  15. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    About the same as your left buttock then...

  16. avatar EPK
    Aye...when your girl's on top of me!
  17. avatar Niall Harden
    good lord, i just bid :-/ i hope this goes OK....

    i'm scared!
  18. avatar EPK
    Out of Prozac, Niall?
  19. avatar dodgi stereo
    the Roland series of blue carpeted keyboard amps are superb.

    four stereo channels and there are several models to go with different wallets...15inches max.

    the eq sections aren't very powerful but they are really clear and loud which means you work the synth tone not the amp to get what you want.

    I think this merrits a Marcus Music visit.
  20. avatar fhoadam
    ta, yeah simey was phonin round the music places and everyone was raving about these. so either they're good or they cant shift them