1. avatar Gavin McKay Fan
    I've decided that I really want to get a Thinline Telecaster.
    There seems to be two models:
    One with single coils and one with humbuckers.
    I've played one with single coils in Marcus Music and it was lovely.
    I haven't tried the one with humbuckers.

    Since I'm going to be ordering the guitar in, I'll have to specify which type I want.
    I'm tempted to get the single coil type because I know that I liked it, but then the one with humbuckers has that classic thinline look and might sound better.
    I want to be able to get a really nice clean sound out of the guitar I buy along with a decent amount of punch when I have my amp on the gain channel.
    I have an SG at the moment which is great for heavy parts, but is a bit too crunchy on the clean parts for my liking.

    Has anyone played both types of thinline?
    Which did you prefer and why?
  2. avatar glzebub of four star
    i also played the thinline in marcus cos i was recently looking for a new axe. i also had a spin on the '72 custom tele in matchetts and have played normal telecasters before. the '72 tele had the same neck pickup as the tele you're considering, i thought it had a lot more power than the standard tele neck pu. but was
    a bit muddy and poorly defined. nah, with a twin HB SG your best bet would be single coils for more variety and on telecasters anyway i think single coils sound way better, more dynamic. just watch the treble knob on yer amp!
  3. avatar Gavin McKay Fan
    Aye, I tried the custom tele in Matchett's and thought the thinline in Marcus was a far better guitar.
    (The custom tele looks cool though, with the weird scratchplate and the separate volume and tone controls for each pickup.)

    I think I will go for the single coil one.
  4. avatar EPK
    A wise choice. that's what makes a Tele sound like a Tele.