1. avatar ThrobbingGristle

    I've lost a saddle - I think that's what it's called, one of the six pieces on the bridge with little grooves the strings rest on. I've tried a few shops and they've told me I'll have to buy a new bridge.

    Has anybody any spare ones or know where I can get one. It's for a Epiphone Sheraton though any Gibson electric saddle should do.



  2. avatar EPK
    They're not the sort of thing you generally have spares for. The shop's probably right.
  3. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    You could go into a music shop and try out a similar guitar... you can see where this is going...

  4. avatar antojasper
    Ask in any of the smaller music shops, usually outside Belfast.

    They tend to accumulate useless spare parts, for just such an occasion, and will usually be helpful enough to have a look for you, unless you go in at 4.30 on a Saturday.
  5. avatar ThrobbingGristle
    Thanks v. much
  6. avatar glzebub of four star
    try kent armstrong, i think it's rainbow products.com or .co.uk, ask for one of their free catalogues, it generally has every component conceivable for both fender and gibson guitars.