1. avatar Sic Larke
    I'm currently looking to buy a DIGITAL MULTITRACK at the mo', to professionally record my songs/ideas.
    I have a PC & already create computer music & record on it, but it is too tedious, with connections & all.

    I want a GOOD digital recorder, that's in the £500 range & has a LARGE built-in recording medium, or has EXTERIOR recording medium, & has at least 4-6 INPUT sockets (for recording drums, with loadsa' mics), maybe with midi-input.


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  2. avatar Niall Harden
    The Akai DPS-12 sounds like the one for you...

    see guitarist magazine this month, it has a review of loads of 'em and lots of useful recording info.
  3. avatar EPK
    He said £500, Niall. The DPS12 will cost £350 more than that, with postage from the mainland. One of the problems with it is hard drive noise, and its advisable not to have it in the same room with the instruments you're recording. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 11/2/01 11:38:17 pm
  4. avatar Niall Harden
    my DPS-12
    was £250, but it was off his ex-bassist

    shop around dude, and yes, there *is* hard drive noise, copious amounts
  5. avatar EPK
    You never said second hand though.....if it was second hand I STILL wouldn't have recommended the DPS12
  6. avatar Sic Larke
    Alright Eamon?

    If not the akai-dps12.
    What would you recommend, as I REALLY need to get a £500 approx. digital multitrack of some variety, before this creative juice, is well&truly dried up.

    Much appreciation in advance
  7. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Thought about using your PC?
  8. avatar Niall Harden
    did you READ the original post?!
    the one that says he already uses his PC?!

    an there's nothing wrong with the DPS-12
  9. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Actually, I didn't... but then, neither did you...

  10. avatar fatboy G
    ive used a boss br8 and a small mixing desk to record drums,
    i dont really know if you going to find and thing that will record more than two tracks at any one time for less than £500.
    but you could get a decnt computer for that price, and a copy of protools free, from digidesign.com .....
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  11. avatar glzebub of four star
    does anyone know how much the Boss BR532 is?
    and is the Zoom palmtop thingy any good whatsoever?
  12. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    The Zoom Palmtop Thingy only records three tracks (but you get 10 virtual tracks...) as far as multiple inputs are concerned - no can do.
  13. avatar themetalmartyr
    Buy Zoom every time unless you are a rich person.

    I have had a Zoom MRS 802 cd for a few years now and basically would be no where without it. It cost me under 400 at the time. If you'd like to hear what the results from using this unit sound like, feel free to gimme an email to post mp3's to.

    Yesterday I was recording drums with it and well they're up to studio standard. It only has two xlr's so you only get two channels at once when recording so I used a mixer with 8 channels to take all the drum mics and then this was fed to the MRS 802 in stereo. MRS802 also has a USB out so it's piss easy sending wav files to and from me machine and PC.

    The Mrs 802 has been replaced now by the HD series and I plan on buying a HD16 which has usb as standard, 8 XLR'S or 1/4 inch jack in puts, millions of necessary and unessary tools for as many possiblities as you can think off as well as midi out and in. It also has an 80gb harddrive and a cd burner as standard and a really good drum machine which believe it or not is useful.

    Main features you want for a porta studio are:

    many xlr's,
    usb output,
    large hard drive storage,
    and a cd drive
    Midi Capability

    Zoom stuff always has ridiculous ammounts of effects on their machines, thankfully they can be quite useful, mastering effects and insert effects in particular!!

    With my own experience with Zoom units, the price is always great for what you get, and the quality is great to. Reliability if treated well will prove no problem. With hard disk recorders you do have to look after the hard drives, so on board drive tools can perform disk checking and error fixing to keep things running smoothly.

    Good luck with your choice.
  14. avatar Pete
    Hopefully he made it 7 years ago!