1. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    highlights anyone?

    Me, in no particular order:

    1."Wales anyone?"

    2."Ahhhh Ladyfest ahhhhh"

    3.The emergence of Ciaran Mackle

    4.The Tin Pot Operations attempted coup

    5. www.myosin.co.uk

    there'll be more.
  2. avatar T Entertainment
    I couldn't disagree with the above. Seminal.

    ('Course, 1+2 were direct consequences of 4.) Edited by: T Entertainment at: 20/12/04 8:33 pm
  3. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    i think, for the greater good, the threads in question have slipped off the end of the internet.

    hours of amusement though, i assure you.

    Ciaran Mackles work continues though. Edited by: Dirty Stevie Grizz at: 20/12/04 10:05 pm
  4. avatar k1ngm0b
    The US elections thread.

    The internet version of that song 'why can't we be friends?'

    And Mackle - without a shadow of a doubt Fastfude Man of the Year.
  5. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    God bless the TPO, and in particular their @#%$ of drummer for being the biggest tw@t in the whole of West Belfast.

    Ray also gets a special mention for sending out e-mails to people who he did'nt know, saying it was all part of their plan to stir sh1te up (here's me wha?) and then he got banned also.

    Where once was 4, now remain 2.

    And what a two they are: Letter Writing Anto, and PMT Shaz.

    God bless them indeed.
  6. avatar bastard dan
    My first post!
    I got a little entertainment from the "Auntie Annies are b*stards" thread.
  7. avatar rudedoodle
    Definitely The Mackle, The Tin Pots, Myosin.co.uk, and constant amusement from Grizz.
  8. avatar grandcentralboy
    hey can someone post links to any of the above mentioned funny threads would be good to read a few i missed the first time round
  9. avatar ConorKane
    Gaz's backslapping wankboys thread was the highlight for me along with all the TPO "@#%$ stirring" threads
  10. avatar rudedoodle
    Timewarp fastfude confusions?
    No gigs in West Belfast?
  11. avatar Handsome Gaz
    Most of the things I had to say were the most interesting, relevant and misunderstood.

    Relevant as it ever was....

  12. avatar k1ngm0b
    Oh I've got another.

    How about the perennial:

    "[insert famous Northern Ireland band here] have done nothing for the "scene" since they made it.
    Why don't they make my band famous...." and so on.

    And when someone actually does help a local band (for example the recent Acidtone debacle) - "The only reason they are famous is because [insert famous Northern Ireland band here] helped them".
  13. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz

    I near forgot about the Big Buzz Battle of The Bands....

    Mercy, mercy me.
  14. avatar rudedoodle
    I like it when some new username pops up, causes a stir, and everyone emails T-Ents to see if its him.
  15. avatar RIC Pop Machine
    I was amazed by some of the rubbish that was posted on my "Cardiff,anyone?" thread.

    Watch out for my "Manchester, anyone?" thread in the new year.

    Alas I really can't think of any other highlights at all.
  16. avatar rudedoodle
    My fun photo highlights of the year January - May (part two when I've time).

    The Uterus Women

    Goatboy, Carolyn, Simsie, hovering Dave Roy

    Craig & Dave Debonaire with James

    T-ents & Graeme Insect

    Damien, Peedy, Steven


    Dave Debonaire


    Mark Dirty Weed's monkey suit birthday trip to Skibunny, Ryan & Alison also shown!


    Iona & Graeme gigmonkey

    Simsie, me & a startled Phil
  17. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Skin the Pig's £25 denim bag.

    Surely the highlight of the year.
  18. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    the only one round here who gets to call Marty a twat is me! Are you hearing this ME! I've had him for 6 years now, and you kinda need to earn that privilege OK?

    As for the 'oul PMT, and what? So I forget to pop my pill now and again and it messes with my system......so? What's your excuse Smitty?....Grizzy Wizzy?

    Best moment for me on Fastfude...easy

    When Dirty Stevie fecked off to London. Yeoow!
  19. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    excuse me princess, but im still in belfast

    and the 2 that out there are coming home for xmas in the morning.

    Sicken YEEE!
  20. avatar EPK
    Has to be the "Big Buzz pay to play thread"...and the emails you
    [i]didn't[/i] see.
    "Ladyfest" was good too.
  21. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    on the contrary - I get the pleaseure of seeing ye's go again.

    I want to see ye's play though.

    See if ye's are as @#%$ as ye's sound on CD.
  22. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    you better believe it, baby!
  23. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Oh Shaz dearie, you clearly are 2 ceasefires short of a peace process are'nt you pettle?

    I look forward to our next gig in Belfast come the spring/summer, hopefully your good little selves can make it down. It'll brighten up my day all sorts, to see you angry hate filled little faces in the crowd.
  24. avatar Cheeses Christ
    My favourite threads were the ones with a legal threat hanging over them. 2004 was a very quiet year for that though - surely
    you're aren't all reading up on defamation and the libel laws?

    Ciaran Mackle was as close as FF ever got to the Truman Show, hope he saved all his posts so he can look back when he's 30 years old and see all his good work.
  25. avatar Markfromgiveway
    i dont quite get the TPO feud with everyone/dirty stevie, seems fukking dumb to me.

    xcuse me, its xmas and i have been out at the pub

    kill me
  26. avatar tinpot anto
    It is f*cking dumb that's why.

    And mostly exists in Smitty's head. Edited by: tinpot anto at: 21/12/04 8:30 am
  27. avatar Ciaran Mackle

    i am all chuffed now.

    highlights this year of fastfude would be my legendary posts on the issue of chili peppers fans, reading peoples arguments with the tpo and mostly just meeting some cool people from here espically the BCW
  28. avatar tinpot anto
    Ah Pixies vs. Chilli's

  29. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    i would have to call it thread of the year
  30. avatar the dirty weed
    claire, i'd forgotten about that picture. jesus christ!

    as for fastfude:

    paul maks
    Edited by: the dirty weed at: 21/12/04 10:01 am
  31. avatar tinpot anto
    Actually Smitty you wanna share a bill?

    We can have it out once and for all.

    And you will cry when you have to follow us.

    Bring it on you ginger yap!

    There'll be ructions, RUCTIONS!
  32. avatar Baelmammon
    The whole lets kill Starbucks has to be the best thread and the fighting of the TPO and dirty stevie, kept me amused for months on end and Mr Mackle's living in fear post was great. :D

    Is there going to be another fastfude night gig thing?????
  33. avatar tinpot anto
    Starbucks was great.
  34. avatar Daithi jasper
    Eejits. You all love yourselves too much. Get over yourselves. I dare you.

    P.S. This is directed at everyone, especially me.
  35. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    [quote]highlights this year of fastfude would be my legendary posts on the issue of chili peppers fans[/quote]

    Here, don't get cocky now.
  36. avatar Handsome Gaz
    These were my favourite fourteen threads.

    1) i feel sick, my head and throat hurts
    2) Ive made a huge fool of myself with a girl i barely know.
    3) kill me.
    4) lending your plectrums- good or bad thing?
    5) EPK. A beginners guide.
    6) "I hate you all"
    7) Van Morrison smells like old mans pee
    Charity- is it worth it?
    9) Handsome Gaz is really really good
    10)I hate Everyone
    11)Everyones a dick
    12)Why are you all such dicks?
    13)Offensive faces at gigs
    14)Look at my big huge dick.
  37. avatar ConorKane
    is the chilli peppers one still floating about?
  38. avatar kingbowski
    Ciaran Mackle. He's like the Wayne Rooney of FastFude!

    Obviously the Big Buzz shiznick, Auntie Annies, TPO vs. The World, Starbucks is evil and most of the threads that took off just made me year! Hehe.

  39. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    We lost quite a bit of this year's archive-worthy threads when the ezboard timewarp happened.
  40. avatar ToiletStreet
    Best for me was not having a single one of my posts acknowledged at all really!

    ...Except for the AAs thread.
  41. avatar Mick Nemesis
    i dont have a best post(s) but rather a best period of time.
    For me this was from late august, say the last week untill the end of septmeber.
    It was such a time of great quality and quantity i have yet to see it rivaled.
    A large proportion of the above posts occured in this time.
    in my opinion FF hasnt bee the same since.
  42. avatar Wasp Boy
    I was disappointed with Mogwai Fan's lack of input throughout the year...
  43. avatar Eddie Mullan
    Irihs Hip-hop and Lazy wankboys
  44. avatar k1ngm0b
    The ATL TV - Monday night thread is making a late bid for glory
  45. avatar Heron vs Pterodactyl
    My personal highlight was the announcement of Irish hip-hop clubnight, 'Butter':

    Feline1: It'll be all "I can't believe it's not real black people" and stuff.

    Not on FF, but the Mackle backlash on Eirecore is comedy gold.
  46. avatar The Only Ronster
    [quote]Not on FF, but the Mackle backlash on Eirecore is comedy gold.[/quote]

    Any links to this - I'm bored tonight and feel like having a laugh.
  47. avatar tinpot anto
    No but this is my personal favourite from any Ezboard.

    [url=""]Monkey see![/url]
  48. avatar Wasp Boy
    Is there ever NOT a backlash on Eirecore?
  49. avatar PaulMaks
    Definately the Big Buzz fiasco and the emails we [i]definately did[/i] see!!

    [b]Paul Maks

  50. avatar the dirty weed
  51. avatar tinpot anto
    [quote] i'm a courier, I cycle from 8am til 6pm Im quite obviously going to tear you limb from limb..

    stay out of punx

    this = on

    Oh so beautiful.

    C'mon Chris own up, how many of those guys are actually you?
  52. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    [quote] Ciaran Mackle. He's like the Wayne Rooney of FastFude![/quote]

    explain to me or i will give you a slap you cheeky @#%$!

    ha the eircore thing is total @#%$ i think. i never even said anything to offend them(that much)

    at least you lot can have a bit of craic like anyway
  53. avatar The Only Ronster
    Chill Ciaran man!

    I think the Rooney comparison is because you are
    A) Young and
    B) Amazing (make of that what you will)

    Oh and no-one get up my @#%$ about sayin Rooney is amazing. I know less than nothing about football. I just presumed that was the parallel you were drawing, and not that Ciaran is a pug-ugly runt of a granny-shaggin yob.
  54. avatar kingbowski
    Cheers Aaron?!? Bout cheers me! For having to take abuse for paying you a compliment!
    Yes Mr. Ronster, that is exactly what I meant by the Rooney thing. Making such an impact for one so young. Right, that's it. I'm away to get a bita cheesecake to calm myself down.

    EDIT: I mean, ehh, I mean a beer! Yeah! I'm a real man!


    [url="http://www.iagoband.com"]www.iagoband.com[/url] Edited by: kingbowski at: 21/12/04 11:30 pm
  55. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    cheers aaron!
  56. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    aye thanks mate!

    see what you mean by it now

    does rooney still play for everton cause i might get an everton shirt that says rooney now and wear it to all gigs
  57. avatar kingbowski

    Ehh, no. Could always get yourself a United top though!

  58. avatar rudedoodle
    Kill Harmonic night in White's Tavern started

    The Corrigan vs BCW gig complete with pain-loving stapling clowns took place

    No interesting pics

    The Snow Patrol Secret Bangor gig fiasco

    The Debonaires. Dave returning to his spiritual home of BlackTieWhiteNoise Christian Band Japes in Bangor

    Nothing too exciting either

    Fastfude month!
    The man, the legend himself.
    Sir Mackle

    Smitty left for London

    Tinpot Anto! Tinpot Anto!

    Lafaro Halloween fun

    After Optimo, Bo Fabulous and Danny Corrigan

    BCW enjoying Torgas Valley Reds in The Mandela with Gavin Panda.

    And December is yet to conclude!
  59. avatar Seulement encore
    My favourite threads, not of this year, but of the last few
    years would be

    Side shades and bobbypins.

    The one were feline1 got banned.

    Any thread were anyone tried to have an opinion which everyone accepted.
  60. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    How about you being a twat? Everyone agree with that?
  61. avatar Seulement encore
    [quote] How about you being a twat? Everyone agree with that?[/quote]


    I'm not the one with "guitargod" in my email address.
  62. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
  63. avatar rudedoodle
    Ciaran Mackle and his girlfriend were in Liberty Blue the other day.
    Good to catch up with you sir! And congrats on the lady friend, quite the looker!
  64. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    yeh it was nice to catch up with you as well.

    helen will be all pleased bout what you said!

    you going to the killing spree gig next week?
  65. avatar xfirefishx
    For me 2004 was the year when I finally picked up courage to actually post on Fastfude and other ezboards afer about a year or so of lurking.